Top 5 Best Screen Recorder for Mac

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As you know many people love Screen recording as it is easy to create videos, fast and also video marketing is trending right now.


If you are using a Mac system, then you will be having an in-built screen recorder QuickTime player from before. Though there are some limitations too.

But after limitations also, QuickTime player is a prominent tool for screen recording. But we could not say that it can help in the complete recording of the screen.

If we talk about a complete screen recorder, it has many features rather than just a recording screen. It has features like an in-built video editing suite, webcam to record faces, and more features which include mouse emphasis and screen annotation.

As it has super features, your screen recording tool can help you in video production as with the help of this you can create various types of videos without using different tools as you are getting all in one.

When you search, “Best screen recorder for Mac,” you can see many types of results coming, but we have tried to take out the best for you. Different articles have different Features, no doubt they are impressive too.

In this article, we will list the best screen recorder for Mac. The list has both paid and free tools so that you can select the best accordingly.

Best Screen Recorder for Mac


VLC - Best Screen Recorder for Mac
  • VLC is a free and open-source cross-stage convertible media player.
  • It has different features like it plays the most sight and sound documents and VCDs, Audio CDs and various streaming protocols. Usually, most people tend to reject the ability for recording screens.
  • However, we can not say that it is  the most exciting recording tool, but you can still use it by seeing the convenient and advanced playing extensions options on Mac.
  • It used to stream media over the Internet.
  • Also, it remotely controls the playback from your browser.


OBS - Best Screen Recorder for Mac
  • OBS is also a free and open-source screen recorder on Mac which is  used to live stream and also in recording video.
  • It is known to be one of the best screen recorders for Mac. It also provides you and device capture, scene composition, real time source,  recording, encoding, and broadcasting.
  • To extend its functionality, this broadcaster software supports a variety of plugins.
  • It has features like Encoding using H264 and AAC, Unlimited number of sources and scenes
  • File output to MP4 and bilinear resampling.


Monosnap - Best Screen Recorder for Mac
  • This program is a free screenshot program for Mac which helps users to make screenshots, analyze them easily and transfer them to the cloud. 
  • Monosnap is also one of the best screen recorders which helps its users to save screenshots easily.
  • It used to highlight important points with pen, arrow, text, and different shapes.
  • You can upload your snapshot in Monosnap storage in one click only.
  • It also captures full screen, just part of the screen which you want  or the  selected part or window.


Snagit - Best Screen Recorder for Mac
  • Snagit is the paid screen recorder which is very efficient that clasps the screen for your Mac.
  • It also offers more than the classic tacit pick options which have mostly versions of Windows, which can be beneficial for Android users too.
  • Moreover, it helps you to provide better feedback, and also  encourage teamwork, and can create those images through which you are able to explain your point
  • It helps to comment over your screenshots with callouts, shapes, and arrows.
  • It is also the best screen recorder which can add visuals to your documents.
  • You can capture everything on your screen using Snagit.

Active Presenter

Active Presenter - Best Screen Recorder for Mac
  • It is a great screen recorder which includes almost all the tools which you usually need  to record the screens, create interactive e-Learning courses for Mac, and edit screencast videos.
  • In no time it can become the best screen recorder on Mac due to its impressive features. It can also add green screen effect features and Webcam recording too.
  • It includes features like Full motion recording which is the best part.
  • You can use Smart and various annotations.
  • You can accordingly Configurable hotkeys based on your work.

Conclusion – Best Screen Recorder for Mac

After checking different screen recorders for Mac, we have mentioned in the article above the 5 best screen recorders which are there in the market. 

If you are using a free Mac screen recorder, then make sure that many of them have time-limited recording, or some of the features can be missing too.


But they can definitely be a good choice for those who are not willing to spend much money on the screen recorders, or they use them rarely.

We hope this article helps you in selecting the best Screen Recorder for Mac.

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