Video Calls from Face to Face are a great way to communicate, especially for people who live abroad and want to keep in touch with their loved ones. However, the Apple application lacks one major feature: voice call capability. 


This feature is not only suitable for those who want to record a family call but also for those who decide to record a call or an interview. Fortunately, some conclusions allow us to get through this problem quickly. Let’s take a look at how to record FaceTime calls.

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

What is FaceTime? 

FaceTime is free for iOS and Mac users. You can stay in touch with all Apple users without paying extra. In addition, the upcoming iOS 15 update allows iPhone users to video chat with FaceTime outside of the Apple ecosystem. Soon you can have Facetime on Android and PC on iOS 15. Then the most important question comes, can you record a FaceTime call? Of course, the answer is yes.

You can record not only FaceTime video calls but also FaceTime audio calls. Although FaceTime does not provide the function of recording or receiving calls, you can use third-party FaceTime recorders. This article presents the detailed steps for secretly recording FaceTime on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad audio screens. Just read on and follow.

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

Method 1: How to Record a FaceTime Call on a Mac?

Free AnyRec Screen Recorder 

AnyRec can secretly record FaceTime MP4 and WMV video calls over the internet. There is no time limit or watermark. You can record FaceTime video calls for free on your PC. FaceTime Pause and Resume call recording support are available. You can control the entire recording of FaceTime calls with flexibility.

Do not worry if the other person learns that you are starting to record. FaceTime will not notify other members of this video chat about screen recording. So when you hit the record button, you can record FaceTime with audio on Windows and Mac without anyone knowing.

  • Record a FaceTime call with sound from either side without loss.
  • Get rid of FaceTime screen recording notifications.
  • No time limit or delay when recording a FaceTime conversion.
  • Save the recorded FaceTime call to MP4 / WMV with adjustable quality.
  • 100% free and safe to use.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and later and Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1:- Visit AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder in your browser. The first time you sign up for FaceTime, you can click Register for free and quickly install its launcher.

Step 2:- Click and select the FaceTime window as the screen capture area. Alternatively, you can choose full screen or custom screen size.

Step 3:- To record a FaceTime call with a voice on a Mac, you can turn on System sound and Microphone according to your needs. Move the Volume slider to clear the FaceTime conversation.

Step 4:-  Then go to Settings to change the video format and quality options. Then click REC to record FaceTime calls on a Mac without the other person knowing.
Step 5:– When you click Stop, you can immediately download the FaceTime Record History log file. Or you can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all features.


Method 2:- How To Record A FaceTime Call On iPhone And iPad Without Other Knowing?

For iOS 11 or newer users, you can record FaceTime calls on your iPhone via the default screen capture feature. You do not need to install anything else on your phone.

All you have to do is turn on the iOS 11 screen recording. Later, you can successfully record a FaceTime call on your iPad and iPhone. (You can check the solutions for Fix Screen Recording that does not work on iPhone here.)

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

Step 1: Access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Find and press the Record screen button to launch it, which looks like a large circle with a dot.

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

Step 3: Turn on the Microphone for the recording screen of a FaceTime call with audio. You can increase or decrease the volume through the iPhone sidebar.

Step 4: Then select Record screen to the record FaceTime video call on iPhone 8 or later with audio.

Step 5: Puncture Stop recording to finish recording FaceTime calls on iPhone. You can find the FaceTime registration file in the Photos application.

Note – If you want to record a FaceTime call with a screen on iOS 10/9/8 and earlier, you can try the AirShou Screen Recorder iOS 10.


Method 3:- Record music with QuickTime

If our device is not equipped with the latest version of iOS, we can use the QuickTime From Music app.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to our PC;
  • We will open QuickTime on the computer;
  • Then click on the File menu and then New Screen Recording(^N);
  • A new bar will appear at the bottom of the screen;
  • Choose your record screen size;
  • Finally, click on the REC button to start the audio recording;
  • Now we can begin to FaceTime;
  • When we are done, press the REC button again.

When this is done, we can save the images on our computer by clicking on the Web menu and then in Save.


Can you record a FaceTime call on Android? 

Yes. You can record a FaceTime call on Android using XRecorder, recorder, Capture Recorder, REC, and other screen recording app.

Can you record a FaceTime call in Windows?

You can record FaceTime video and audio calls on Windows 10/8/7 with AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder. It is entirely free and safe to use.


How to fix FaceTime recording problems without sound?

You need to check the input audio source if no sound is heard when recording FaceTime on the screen. Make sure the Microphone option is turned on. The Gray Microphone option is not available. Later, turn up the volume on your computer or phone.

Can you record a FaceTime group call? 

Yes. You can record a FaceTime group call for hours with AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder on PC and Mac. For mobile phone users, you can use AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, Screen Recorder +, and other applications to record FaceTime screens on iPhone and Android.


As we have seen, recording a FaceTime video call with your Mac or iPhone is a child’s game. This is a great way to keep the phone with your family or your other half or to keep a business conversation to keep it.

Some people may have the question that it is illegal to record a FaceTime call. Well, that’s not allowed in some states. Before you start registering on FaceTime, it’s best to get someone else’s permission.


FaceTime will not tell the other person if you begin registering. In other words, others will record you secretly. Therefore, you should also be careful when doing FaceTime with others. 

Overall, if you want to record FaceTime with audio in 2022, you can do as the following paragraphs show. AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder is available for FaceTime screen recording on Mac and Windows.

For iOS, you can use other FaceTime recording apps. (Go and visit how to take Facetime screenshots on iPhone and iPad.)


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