Background Checks Become More Popular Here Are the Reasons You Should Consider Running One

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Whether you want to check that a new potential hire is who they say they are, find out whether the tradesperson you’re considering using has any criminal records before allowing them into your home, or would like to put your mind at rest that your new neighbor isn’t on the sex offenders register, a background check can help.


More and more people are using background checking services than ever before, and the companies that offer them are continually increasing the range of checks they offer. Here’s why you should consider running one, too.

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Acts as a Basic Identity Check

There are many situations where it’s a great idea to check someone’s identity simply, whether this is an individual who has applied to work for you as a nanny or if you’re formally recruiting a new staff member for your company.

A background check can quickly and affordably provide the verification you need, confirming (or otherwise) that the personal details that the individual has provided you with, regarding name, date of birth, and address, are valid.

Find Out About Past Offenses

So many people and companies are now getting background checks run to ascertain whether an individual has a criminal record, appears on the sex offenders register, or has committed any driving offenses.

It’s not just for employment purposes that this can be useful. For example, this check is worthwhile if you’re wondering about your new date or want to put your mind at rest regarding a possible new roommate. The best background check site will scour the records and provide you with the details of any arrests, offenses, and prosecutions, alongside reports and even mugshots, for an affordable price.

Use as a Person Finder

And if you’re trying to track someone down? A background checking service can often help with this, too. As well as basic identity information, some services will even provide you with details regarding the individual’s relatives and possible relationships. If this is interesting, consider a background check site that allows you to look up people based on their genealogical history.

As well as helping you to find a specific person, this can also be a useful tool if you want to research a relative (or possible relative) that you’ve never met.

International Background Check

Suppose you’re considering employing someone from or who has lived in another country. In that case, you may wonder how to verify their identity and check that they have no criminal records in their country of origin.


Again, a background checking service can usually assist with this by providing an international check that will turn up any offenses that may have been committed overseas by the individual.

In-Depth Checking

Background checking provides in-depth information that would be virtually impossible for the average person to dredge up. As well as criminal records and identity checks, many of these services will often also scan social media platforms, search for aliases, ascertain whether an individual holds the professional license they say they do, and even run credit background checks.

Other things that checking services can look at including personal websites and blogs, Wikipedia pages, weapons permits, military records, marriage licenses, bankruptcies, civil records, and references. 

Choosing the type of service that would fit your requirements, and letting the professionals do the legwork for you, makes getting the information you need or want possible.


Availability of Plans

Suppose you regularly hire people or think that a background checking service is something you might use regularly. In that case, there’s also the option, with many platforms, to take out a monthly plan for even greater affordability.

This may let you run an unlimited number of people searches every month. If you’re unsure whether a plan would suit you, look for a service offering an initial trial or discounted period to see how it works. Some checking services offer a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try out the company risk-free.

Smart Checking

The best background checking services deploy some seriously sophisticated tech to provide clients with the answers or information they want. AI tools comprehensively scan, analyze, and collate vast amounts of data from various sources. Smart systems filter out the relevant data, meaning that your report is thorough, relevant, and reliable.

It’s important to remember, though, that not all background checks can legally be used when it comes to employee screening, and, in some cases, the individual’s permission must be sought, so check carefully that it’s allowable to run the check you want before carrying it out.


So, whether you want some more information on a possible new tutor for your child, are wondering whether the person you’re considering taking on as a partner in your accountancy firm has a good credit rating, or want to know if the people living nearby you have a criminal history, a background check is an easy, convenient, and affordable way to get these answers.

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