Finding textbooks online has been a very frustrating thing. Most of the textbooks readers want are generally not available on Google, and if they are present, they have to pay for them. In addition, many students are not financially strong, so they can buy each book required for their studies. 


People often face a common problem of site malfunctioning while they opt for a third-party site download. In addition, some misleading links also occur as the users press the download option. These problems have made downloading textbooks a tedious task. 

Google has reported enormous searches made to download textbooks, to which users generally do not get satisfactory results.

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or encourage any activities leading to illegal downloads of TV Shows from torrent sites. This listicle is purely for educational purposes and thus, user discretion is required.

Top 10 Best Textbook Torrenting Sites


Below is a list of top textbook torrenting sites that enable an easy download without redirecting to any misleading links:

Note: If you are unable to access these torrent sites, then you have to use VPN to unblock these websites.

The Pirate Bay

It is one of the most trusted sites that people have been using to download their study material for a long time. The site has tons of PDFs to select the materials from.

It supports peer-to-peer sharing of the file. Along with textbooks, comics and magazines are also available on the Pirate Bay. The downloading supports magnet links that speed up the download. Along with the books, other torrents are also available on the website.

The website has many proxy servers available if the users cannot access the main website. The main reason for having multiple proxy servers is that the site is targeted by the government frequently.

One can search b entering the name of the particular textbook, and the users get all the results available on the internet. 



  • The users have the ease of sorting and finding the books they want.
  • The downloading of the content is not hindered due to the web interruption on the site.
  • It offers a fast download even at a slow speed.
  • The users can access more than one pathway to download the content.
  • The torrent is free of cost.


  • Using The Pirate Bay increases the chances of IP addresses exposure; thus, no privacy exists.
  • The files are not reviewed before downloading.
  • The downloaded file may carry some illegal content without the user’s knowledge.

Official Website:


The website is one of the best sites to look for textbooks in both e-book and audiobook formats. Unfortunately, the torrent does not have a separate section for the books, and hence, the users have to rely on the website’s search bar to locate the textbooks they want. 

The interface is well-developed and allows an easy search and download. The file-hosting on the website is done on a peer-to-peer basis that gathers the results from all the torrents available, including eDonkey, Retroshare, IPFU, and BitTorrent.

The advanced interface provides a variety of magnetic links to download the textbooks. The torrent also has a vast collection of movies, games, music, anime, etc.

The website also enables users to upload books on the website. A vast collection of Indian regional and Hollywood movies along with Bollywood ones.


  • The website doesn’t contain any ads.
  • It has a collection of all the working links to download the textbooks.
  • Ensure comprehensive searches and the interface is user-friendly.
  • A vast catalog is present, with the content being thoroughly organized.


  • Certain users cannot see the torrents after the download is over.
  • Some old links are also present that do not function properly.
  • Some sections are not categorized into subsections, making the content mismanaged.

Official Website:


This website allows users to download textbooks only in PDF format. The users get a variety of textbooks with all the latest editions. The notable feature of the application is that you can access it on any user device from anywhere across the globe.

The silver account is provided free of cost and includes a variety of textbooks and other books. But, purchasing the site’s premium allows the readers to access more exclusive textbooks with their latest editions.

Overall, the website library is big enough and well-categorized to locate the books quickly. Users get specific results according to the searches they make.


  • The website has columns segregated according to genres and subjects.
  • Overall best books column is also built.
  • The books can be downloaded in multiple modes and hence, can be read through Kindle as well.


  • It is mandatory to create an account.
  • Some specific books require a paid membership for getting downloaded.
  • The downloading process is comparatively slow.

Official Website:

PDF Drive

The website has more than 75 million reading materials that can be previewed and downloaded without hassle. In addition, the webpage is highly organized so that the readers find it easy to find the books or articles they are looking for. 

The users can either use the search bar provided on the main screen or scroll and look for the category whose textbooks they are looking for. The users can also like a certain document, and this feature adds that document to the ‘My Likes’ list.

By purchasing the premium account, the user gets unlimited cloud space, no ad feature, and maximum speed while downloading the material.


  • It shares the live updates of books getting uploaded on the site. 
  • The site contains a vast catalog through which the user can search for a particular subject.
  • It offers a preview of books before downloading them.
  • The website provides a quick downloading speed.


  • Many unusual pop-ups often appear while the user selects the download option.
  • Certain users have faced the issue of getting corrupted files and downloaded material.
  • The download link sometimes doesn’t work.

Official Website:


The website has a collection of 29000+ e-books, and only a few documents and books are not available on the site due to the size limitations, for instance, Human Genome Project. 

The users can only access the books to read; audiobooks are not available on the platform. However, no premium account is needed to download the books as all the material present on the site is free.

The users have to register to the site through their email ids as it helps them create their bookshelf where the books that have been read get stored. Conversation tools are also present to assist with the issues related to the formats.


  • It has one of the handiest interfaces.
  • The books are categorized according to multiple segments, including authors, genres, titles, and languages.
  • The site has a long list of formats where users can download textbooks. Generally, three to five formats are available in torrents that offer downloading textbooks.
  • All the information regarding a particular book gets displayed along with the cover page.
  • The books downloaded can also be read on iPad and Kindle.


  • The users cannot preview the books before downloading them. 
  • Certain users have reported meta-data problems as the textbook gets downloaded.

Official Website:


Zooqle provides the readers with a well-established library of books and articles appropriately segregated. It enables ease of finding the relevant material.

Moreover, the site has 3.5 million+ authentic torrents through which the users can make downloads. A huge number of torrents are added daily. 

Around 2200 trackers are present that support the downloading process. So the only requirement of using Zooqle is installing BitTorrent and then seeing the wonders the site performs for the users. 

Zooqle also has its proxy servers for places where people cannot access the original website legally. If the proxy servers do not respond, using a VPN is recommended.


  • The site contains a vast number of torrent links to download textbooks.
  • The notable feature of the website is that the books get added to it in no time as they are released.
  • It provides an easy-to-operate user interface.
  • The textbooks and other material gets downloaded smoothly.


  • Too many ads are shown on the webpage.
  • Through Zooqle, certain viruses can pave their way into the users’ systems; therefore, an antivirus is a must.
  • Using Zooqle increases the risk of getting tracked as the IP is visible. 

Official Website:


The Bookyards is one of the safest sites that enable searching of the content without the fear of data leakage. In almost every individual poll, Bookyards gets a score of above average for maintaining the reader’s privacy.

The people trust the website as it has been in the market for a long time and has catered to millions of users by providing free textbooks. It has a valid SSL certificate as well.

Bookyards has a good rating from users all around the globe as it keeps the system safe from malicious data while the downloads take place.


  • It comes with a smooth user interface, which is excellent for beginners.
  • The downloading process is faster and easier than other torrents on the web.
  • The categories are further distinguished into subcategories so that the books can be well-organized.


  • The users cannot see the cover page or preview the books they wish to download.
  • No information about the books is present except for the title.
  • Some categories also show an error message. 

Official Website:

Library Genesis

It is the most authentic source of study material, ranging from textbooks on different subjects to research papers. Certain institutions have donated many files on the website, while the users have uploaded the others.

A massive segment of volunteers maintains the website and manages all the content present on the website. In addition, the volunteers are responsible for uploading all the material and protecting the site from being taken down.

Though most of the content present is study-related, a certain number of comics and fictional reading items are also present.


  • The users can search the books by using the title, author’s name, publishing house, and the year of publishing.
  • The website offers multiple attachments for all the books it has.
  • The user has the liberty to download the book in any format provided on the website.
  • All the information regarding a particular book is briefed on the screen.
  • The textbooks are available in more than one language, and therefore, users can download them in the language they prefer.


  • The users cannot download the larger versions of the books on their mobile phones. 
  • The cover page and preview for a certain book are not available.
  • Many users worldwide are unable to access the site.
  • The site faces server crashes frequently.

Official Website:


ISOHunt is a Canada-based torrent website whose founder is Gary Fung. The initial purpose of the website was to search the IRC files. Soon, it gained huge popularity among the people, which made the creator add more content to it.

More than ten million valid torrents in ISOHunt enable a peer-to-peer connection while the files get downloaded. It has a huge collection of textbooks, and due to the variety, students utilize it to gather references for their studies.

The website has a large collection of fiction books and movies along with study material. After pressing the download option, the users can go through all the trackers at once. The selection of the tracker for downloading the file is up to the user’s choice.


  • Display the number of torrents and sites available for downloading the material.
  • The users can search the books by entering the author’s name, the book’s title, or by the subject for which they want the book.
  • It also lets users comment on a particular link. It helps other users to know whether the particular link is functioning or not.
  • The site offers multiple links to download a single textbook.


  • The user interface is complex to use and not recommended for beginners.
  • There are high chances of downloading malware and the textbooks as many links have malicious data entering the system and the book.
  • The results produced are not that specific but are more generalized.

Official Website:

AIO Search

AIO Search is a metasearch engine that utilizes the results of other search engines and torrents. The final information provided to the user is a compilation of the results gathered from different sources.

This is why it locates almost all the textbooks present over the internet that users find difficult to locate using the usual browser search. 

The website has the least risk of making way for malware or viruses to enter the system along with the downloaded material. In addition, browsing textbooks using the search engine does not expose the user to any privacy or security threat.


  • The users can get multiple links to download the textbooks they want. 
  • It has a collection of different torrents that make searching for textbooks easy.


  • The interface is complex and cannot be used by novice people.
  • The results produced are not specific to the keyword searched. 
  • The webpage often appears blank after clicking on the search option.

Official Website:

Is Torrenting Legal?

Torrenting is a valuable technology that makes your downloading process short and easy. But it has a bad image because of piracy.

Downloading the pirated content for free from the torrent sites you otherwise need to pay is a violation of copyright law and is a serious crime.

But, of course, if the copyright holder has permission to share their content online, it can be downloaded. But, DOWNLOADING THE PIRATED CONTENT IS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL.

You should only download the content that is open to the public domain and use only those torrenting sites which are trusted, do not share the pirated content, and are safe to use. Also, for a secure experience, check your local laws before torrenting.

The Conclusion

Textbooks and other study-related reading material are necessary for all people pursuing their studies. These have a dual function in the students’ lives; they increase their knowledge and provide help for the examination purpose.

Due to their weak financial background, many students are unable to buy the latest editions of textbooks. As a result, the older ones have outdated information and are not used.

These sites provide a great alternative to the students, enabling them to get all the latest material. Therefore, the above sites are the best ones for the students to utilize and get apt knowledge to have a great career aspect ahead in their lives.



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