Best Notion Templates For Students

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Notion templates are best for students who want to put their notes, to-do list, etc., on one digital platform.


Notion templates help the students keep track of their homework, take notes from other books, etc. Though some Notion templates are free to use, a few of them are paid.

Go through the article carefully, we have compiled a list of best Notion templates for students that can be very useful in your day-to-day student life, from chores to school/college time management.

Best Notion Templates For Students

Daily Schedule

Best Notion Templates For Students

Notion Daily Schedule Template, created by Notion Wizard, brings all tasks and events under one roof. Students can assign the time to each of these tasks and see when it needs to be completed. It also helps the tutors and students to schedule a revision time.

Students can also assign tasks to a particular class. Also, additional information can be added to the task cards as well.

Kanban Board

Best Notion Templates For Students

Kanban board templates are best for workflow management. Students can tweak it more to filter out their assignments, add the status of assignments, and finally set a target to achieve.

Students can add batch tasks to a class and then filter out the list of tasks assigned to that class. The cards can then be filtered out based on deadline and prioritization.

Additionally, students can also assign the time taken to finish each task. Apart from this, students can add the timeframes for the tasks and see what are the upcoming tasks for the week.

Start-Up 101

Best Notion Templates For Students

Start-Up 101 is a great notion template for college students with an entrepreneurial mindset. If you have a startup idea or plan to build a business project, then Start-Up 101 is the best choice.


This template was designed by Diondraya Taylor, the one is UCLA’s Ph.D., with an idea to help college students get their startup ideas flowing.

If you are not sure how to get started with this template, the designer has created a simple UI that helps you get started and is self-explanatory. Click here to duplicate the Startup 101 template.

Reading List

Best Notion Templates For Students

This Notion template lets the students catalog all textbooks and notebooks they read, along with the notes associated with them. Students can select a title from the library and see the research associated with the books.

Students can add a new entry of books and start adding notes, along with the summary, for future reference. Once done reading the book, students can add a keynote on the cover page.


The Campus Life Organizer

Best Notion Templates For Students

This template is designed by Will Ma and is best suitable for students who are about to graduate and want to plan their careers ahead. The Campus Life organizer template comes with classes, budget, etc. It also has a habit tracker and job application.

This template comes with a job app template to help with your internship or job search. Though students of all classes can take up this template, we suggest this primarily for students who are about to graduate and want to look out for a job.

This Notion template comes with a goal tracker as well to let you understand how many of your set goals are achieved in a given timeframe.

To-Do List

Best Notion Templates For Students

If you are looking for a to-do list template that doesn’t require Kanban Board, this Notion template is the perfect solution. The combination of filters makes it easy to sort through tasks and find what’s relevant for today. 


This template looks somewhat similar to the Daily Schedule template mentioned in this list. However, the key difference of this template is that it highly focuses on the tasks rather than the event. As soon as the tasks are marked completed, this template hides them. It only highlights the incomplete or upcoming tasks.

Students can add categories to this Notion Template and sort them out based on the related tasks.

Check out the To-Do List, Notion Template here.

Planner Template

Best Notion Templates For Students

This planner template helps in increasing the productivity of the students. It comes with a time blocking feature that helps block the time for a specific task. The productivity section of the planner template contains the ‘Pomodo Technique’ for time tracking. This feature can be customized as per the student’s requirements.


Students can also link the project pages to yearly goals and keep track of the goal achievements.

You can download the notion template here.

Notion University Template

Best Notion Templates For Students

This is a free Notion template for students. They can keep track of notes, class data, events, etc. It helps them become more organized.

Students can also keep track of the upcoming events along with the countdown timers. To help the students become more productive, this Notion template comes with GTD (Getting Things Done) To-do list.


Student Dashboard

Best Notion Templates For Students

This Notion template has a simple and minimal database that helps in organizing the day-to-day activities, courses, exam results, etc.

There is a dedicated section under each course that helps in revision. Students can also monitor their preparation levels with the help of this Notion Template.

If the students are completely new to Notion, they can use the pre-defined templates and get their tasks done with ease.

You can get the Student Dashboard template from here.


Student Starter Pack

Best Notion Templates For Students

This is the best template for students from Notion University. All the databases to organize notes, assignments, and schedules can be found here. It will help the students stay disciplined and accomplish the tasks on time.

The databases can be linked with notebooks and calendars, making it easier for the students to go through the content.

You can find the download link for Student Starter Pack here.


Notion is one of the best secret weapons for students. They can switch from traditional note-taking to digital note-taking, diaries, result tracking, etc., under one roof. Moreover, they can access content on multiple devices, as Notion syncs the content across multiple devices.


One of the best things about Notion is that it helps you to attach one piece of content to another, which helps in setting up your content flow. For example, if you have notes taken from a seminar, you can attach them to an assignment to complete your work.

Above all, Notion does not have any file limit like Dropbox, so you can upload the assignment of any file size.

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