10+ Best Torrent Search Engines to Use

Torrent Search Engine
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When it comes to downloading torrents on the internet, there is no limit to the choices available.


However, the problem is that most of these options available on the internet have malware or some kind of phishing scams inside them.

So users are just not sure about which website they can trust and download the torrent that they need.

Back in the day, we all knew that ThePirateBay and KickassTorrents were the go-to options whenever we wanted to download a torrent.

However, we all know how authorities took them down and since then the word torrent search engine is talked about a lot.

Basically, torrent search engines are similar to other search engines like Google where you search for a particular torrent and it simply gives you a list of websites where that particular torrent is available.

Now, it is hard to know which torrent search engines work fine and which do not so we tested hundreds of torrent search engines and found the below ones to be working perfectly fine.

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or encourage any activities leading to illegal streaming and downloads of copyrighted content. This listicle/article is purely for educational purposes and thus, user discretion is required.
Torrent Search Engine

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites

Disclaimer: All of the below Torrent Search Engines may not be available in your country but you can use a good VPN service to access them.


ThePirateBay is one of the best torrent search engine sites available on the internet and it has been going strong for a very long time. 

Since the shut down of Kickass Torrents, ThePirateBay has been visited a lot and while its founders are also facing charges, the website is still up and working.


We also recommend using an ad-blocker while visiting this site because some of the ads can be very annoying.

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RARBG is next in our list of the best torrent search engine sites available on the internet and it is also visited by millions of users every month from all over the world.

You can get torrents related to movies, music, software, and much more on this website and it is user-friendly and clean.


But this website does have those annoying new-tab ads that pop up in huge numbers even when you just make a click.

To avoid them, we advise you to use any ad-blocker and then browse the website in the best possible manner.

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ExtraTorrent is a torrent search engine site that has also been around for a long time and we know that millions of users visit this website every single month.


It is a torrent search engine meaning that you search for torrents and it gives you a list of websites where that particular content is available.

You can download premium courses available on websites such as Linda or Udemy or Coursera from this website as well apart from movies and TV shows.

You can also see torrent-related news on this website because it also doubles down as a community of torrent users who like to stay updated.

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Snowfl is another great torrent search engine site on our list and this website offers a clean interface along with a simple way to search for keywords using some filters as well.

While there are minimal ads on this website, it does have a section for cryptocurrency news on its homepage which can be a distraction.

Another thing is that you might see a banner that leads you to fill surveys which are not ideal but we can avoid it so that is good.

Also, make sure to use an ad-blocker on this website even though it looks clean because you never know what could go wrong.


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YTS.AG is also a torrent search engine and it is mostly used to search for movies because it gives you great results when you search specifically for movie-related content.

One thing you can guarantee on this website is that the interface is very clean and the search results are extremely good.

It also gives you the option to download from different resolutions such as 720p, 1080, Blu Ray, and DVD Rip. 


Ads are available on this website and they are there for the owners to keep the website running but it is worth noting that simply using an ad-blocker will solve your problems.

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LimeTorrents is one of the torrent search engines which has a unique color scheme as per its name. There is a lime-colored user interface on this website and it looks like you are visiting a search engine for fruits but it gives you excellent torrent results.

This website allows you to search for your favorite torrents via the homepage or by going through the categories listed on it.


Also, it is considered as the people’s choice for uTorrent movies and torrents because they have tight integration.

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Toorgle is a popular torrent search engine site and also takes its name from Google which is one of the best search engines out there, period. 

Toorgle looks for torrents from more than 450 torrent websites to give you results from across the web.


It is also worth noting that Toorgle’s data comes from Google directly which is the reason why it has good speed and stability.

Toorgle is using advertisements to generate revenue from its website so it is recommended that you use ad-blockers in order to avoid seeing ads on the site.

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XtorX is also a torrent search engine website and it just lets you search for torrents from its umbrella of websites that host torrents on their platform.


It has a clean and simple user interface and it also uses Google’s Custom Search feature to provide relevant information.

The ability to filter down your results is not available on this website and it is also worth noting that the redirects on this website to other websites can’t be trusted so have to be very careful when clicking on links.

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AIO Search

AIO Search is one of our favorite torrent search engines out of this list because of how well it works in what it is meant to do, which is searching torrents.


Similar to how Google provides you with the most relevant results, AIO Search is also the same and lets you search using custom queries.

You can even configure the websites from which you want the results or not by ticking the boxes.

The options of websites from where AIO Search produces its results include ThePirateBay, LimeTorrents, Solid Torrents, and others.

Also, the ads on this website are limited too which means you are not bombarded with ads all over your face.


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Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is the cleanest and the most wonderful torrent search engine we have ever seen and it almost looks like a search engine for everything and not just torrents.

On the homepage, we have seen no ads for this website which is also really cool and the need for ad-blockers is eliminated so we are also curious as to how this website generates its revenue.

Torrent Seeker also uses Google’s Custom Search feature to provide you options from 100+ different websites on the internet. 


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Monova was a very useful and popular torrent search engine back in the day but it has since been redesigned with a user interface that is full of ads and doesn’t work properly.

This is also the reason why it has been listed down in our list of the best torrent search engines.

Monova is one of the only torrent search engines which asks you to disable your ad-blocker and we have already warned you about the annoying ads so you should not disable your ad-blocker at any cost.


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TorrentHounds is a really useful torrent search engine website but it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This is one of the websites that has been targeted a lot by law enforcement agencies and it keeps going down and then coming back with different names.

However, we do recommend you to visit TorrentHound because it gives you a list of the top downloaded torrents in the last 24 hours and the list is huge enough that you will get what you want from that list itself.

On the website, it says that “TorrentHound is going underground” and tells you to join their binary channel.

So it might not be long before the website gets taken down but we can say that till the time it is online, you can take full advantage of the website.

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Conclusion – Best Torrent Search Engines

We have mentioned the list of best torrent search engines where you can easily search for torrents related to your favorite movies or TV shows and then download them.

However, we must caution you that you should be really careful while downloading torrent files as we know that they are banned by law in various countries.

If you are caught downloading illegal files then you can be fined and even jailed as it is a criminal offense in some countries where piracy is not tolerated.

As a layer of protection, you can use VPN while downloading torrents so your location gets changed and the authorities won’t come to know about it.

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