14 Best Tutubox Alternatives for iOS

14 best tutubox alternatives
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How about downloading all the App Store apps, games, and even premium versions without paying anything with a simple click?


If yes, Tutubox is the primary name that pops into our minds. It lets you download third-party apps and games for free of cost. The pretty cool part is that they are secure and safe to download for your device. To make sure of the same, Tutubox has to use a certification. 

However, many tweaked apps, Modified versions, unofficial apps,  and premium ones are available here at no cost. Therefore, Apple often does not revoke Tutubox’s certificate.

Therefore, though all the apps available on the platform are ready to install, consequently a brilliant alternative to the Appstore, it stands as a drawback of the app.

14 best tutubox alternatives

But, you need not worry as we have prepared a list of top Best Tutubox alternatives, some of which require certification, yet others need not require it. 

Some require jailbreaking your iPhone to get rid of iOS limitations, but most do not. You can choose one depending upon your convenience and device safety. All of them have different features. Yet the common thing that unites them is a friendly GUI and several apps hosting each platform.

Best Tutubox Alternatives

Are you looking for the Top Best Tutubox Alternatives for iOS? Here, you will find a list of handpicked Tutubox alternatives, which are free to use! 


14 best tutubox alternatives

Be it iPhone or iPad, Tweakbox is the #1 alternative to the App Store and thus to the TutuBox. The platform hosts many third-party apps that you can install for free. Besides, it has a user-friendly GUI and an organized layout that makes it worth using. 

Moreover, the app is community-based, wherein some people share the IPA versions of third-party apps, which anyone can download. Finally, the app is free to install.



14 best tutubox alternatives

Another app on the list is AppValley. The app again hosts several apps that you can install for free. 

You will get such a comprehensive list that even the App Store or Tutubox can’t offer. Moreover, you can access them with modified versions of several apps with one click download. You need not follow a lengthy procedure to do so.

However, the drawback of this app is its ads. The app has plenty of advertisements, some of which intervene with your activity while others cover the content, thus affecting search results and downloading efficiency. 


14 best tutubox alternatives

Another fantastic alternative to Tutubox for which you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS is iOSGods. Besides, you don’t even need a PC.


iOSGods is an app cum platform that is free to use. Furthermore, it has a multitude of apps to download for free. The best part is that you will get molded, hacked, and cracked versions of some apps that you cannot get on the Appstore. 

Its interface is organized aptly into apps and games that give you easy access. Moreover, you will find categories like “Most popular,” “Most downloaded,” and more. So, you can download trending must-have apps without the Appstore or Tutubox.

Vshare Market

14 best tutubox alternatives

The Vshare Market is a destination for several apps and games that you can instantly download. In addition, it acts as a third-party app installer, and you can use it as a Tutubox alternative not only for iOS but also for Android. 

The instant download feature also refrains you from downloading your favorite apps without security. Instead, you download your preferred apps without any long-form procedures with a quick download system. Even Appstore’s paid apps are accessible on this platform.


Be it Android or Apple, the app is a one-stop shop for the quick installation of third-party apps.


14 best tutubox alternatives

Whether Android, iOS, or MacBook, you can use CokerNutx without jailbreaking or rooting your device. It is free to download, and this app hosts several third-party apps. Besides, they are SSL certified, so you need not worry about security. 

You don’t need to sign-up, login, or register with the app; therefore, you can stay anonymous and private. 

You can download them quickly with games, apps, modded versions, tweaked hacked apps, and emulators. It has a rich library of 5k+ apps and games.



14 best tutubox alternatives

PandaHelper is one more app for iPhone and iPad users. It’s a third-party app that is free to install, giving you access to download several third-party apps, thus being an alternative to Appstore and Tutubox. 

You need not jailbreak your iOS to install this application on your device. The best part is that it has several applications and games paid on the AppStore, and some are not even available on it. Moreover, you will also get cracked, hacked, and modded versions of several of them. 

The PandaHelper’s friendly GUI and a comprehensive range of apps make it easier to access them. You will find several apps categorized into App Store APPS, exclusive apps, Modified apps, and even Modified games.


14 best tutubox alternatives

Here’s another app that adds to the list. 9Apps has an abundant variety of apps and games. You can even visit its official website to use it. 


It’s great because you will find several paid apps on the Appstore, free to download. Therefore, it’s a great alternative. Besides, you can also upload your developments on the app hence being a better alternative to Tutubox. 

Moreover, you will also find some adult content here. If you don’t want it, you have to hide it from the app settings. Besides, for quick entertainment, you can even enjoy its mini-games. All APK files are easy and fast to download.


14 best tutubox alternatives

IPABOX is the most credible and trusted alternative to Tutubox pops in. The good part is it is easy to use UI that makes it a worth try option in the list for iOS users. 

It becomes easier and fun to use with well-categorized apps and games and a patterned sorted list of APK files.  


The app makes it very simple to find your favorite apps with categorization and proper organization of apps and games. Moreover, it’s an incredible platform for downloading third-party apps and games free of cost with just one click.


14 best tutubox alternatives

As the name suggests, this Tutubox alternative is available only for iOS. It’s a web-based app with a simple yet intelligent UI. With great third-party apps and games with cracked and modded versions as well. 

Apps4iPhone is available for a jailbroken iPhone with even tweaked versions of apps. In addition, you will find several free apps that are paid for over the Appstore.


14 best tutubox alternatives

Yet another service for jailbroken iOS is iOSHaven. This Tutubox alternative is an app search engine from where you can download all the apps and games available on App Store. Besides, you will also find some modified versions, hacked versions, and their tweaks free of cost.


The platform even hosts some unofficial apps. With a quick and easy-to-use UI, you do not need to download the app. Instead, just visit its website and directly download the third-party app from the platform.


14 best tutubox alternatives

The software is an asset to push the boundaries of iOS. However, you need to jailbreak your device to avail its services. The jailbroken device can be any like the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. 

Here you will find many apps and games on this platform that are simple, quick, and easy to download. Cydia, the third-party app hub software, was developed in 2007. With a user-friendly GUI, you can even find themes and other services for your apps.


14 best tutubox alternatives

A2ZAPK, another alternative to Tutubox, is again free to download. Moreover, the best part of the app is that you will download apps and games Not only for iOS or Android but also for your SmartTV. 


These apps will be free to download, simple to use, and easy to access at the cost of a simple click. AppStore or PlayStore’s apps and games or even modded or tweaked versions, you will find them all. 

Another striking feature of this alternative is that you can even use your browser to access this platform. Moreover, you need not jailbreak or root your device for the same.


14 best tutubox alternatives

iNoJB app was formerly called “iNoCydia,” being a Cydia alternative. However, since the app has been modified, it is known as a Tutubox alternative.

You need not jailbreak your device to use this app. Yet, you can download App Store apps and games, tweaks of several apps, and even the paid ones for free. 


Many third-party apps allow for the same, but only some have the security and reliability. Besides, you can even use the Safari browser to access this SaaS platform.

The Final Verdict

The App Store is the one you prioritize while downloading any third-party applications. Though it hosts an enormous range of third-party apps and games with their official versions, it has certain drawbacks. 

The most direct drawback is that plenty of apps and games here have premium versions; therefore, you need to pay for them. Moreover, it does lighten the weight of your valet. Sometimes, it may not even yield the ideal results that you expect. So, often many users regret buying some apps and games. Tutubox stands as the best alternative to the AppStore. However, you need alternatives.

The SaaS platforms and apps mentioned above are the best alternatives when you cannot use Tutubox and want a more accessible alternative to the App Store. In addition, for more security, you can install an antivirus app on your phone. 


The app list mentioned above hosts many more apps than the Appstore and Tutubox do. However, before downloading the app to check its details and installing a third-party app via these platforms, use an antivirus app for advanced safety.

Another noteworthy point is that apps download from here platforms remain on your device even when you have uninstalled any of them, so ensure deleting the IPA files from your phone’s Internal Storage. Likewise, it is essential to update these apps from time to time or affect your device’s performance.

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