Indian Govt Banned UC Browser; Here are the Best UC Browser Alternatives

UC Browser Alternatives
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UC browser alternatives, here we need to discuss this topic because, on June 29, 2020, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including some widely used and useful apps too. This is a considerable decision taken by the government amid the war-like situation between India and China.


The government claimed that the decision is taken “to maintain the security and integrity of user’s data, the banned apps were posing threat to the sovereignty and security of the country“, while many other people are saying that this is another manner of insulting China by boycotting Chinese products.

Apart from all these things, now Indians will no longer be able to use many famous and widely used apps including UC Browser, CamScanner, and the Overhyped short video making app TikTok. So, we all have to replace all 59 apps with some best of their alternatives to maintain our workflow without any thwart.

So here, in this article we are going to discuss some UC browser alternatives, they will never let you realize the lack of UC browser. These UC browser alternatives are more advanced, prominent, and secure than the UC browser itself. So let’s get started

Some Best UC Browser Alternatives

Before discussing UC browser alternatives, let’s us know what really UC browser does, and why it is in the list of banned apps

UC browser was an extremely popular web browser primarily used to surf over the Internet. According to some stats, the UC browser was the 8th most downloaded application of the decade 2010-2019. It has more than five hundred million downloads from the Google Play Store. Banning such a widely popular software is a major decision. As the government said in their prior statement that those listed 59 apps were causing a threat to the sovereignty, the security of the country. So to maintain the integrity of the data, and keep user’s data securely the government has taken such a big step.

Now, whoever in the country uses the UC browser is searching for the best alternative. So here’s is the list of some most popular and best web browser, which can be considered as best UC browser alternatives.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s extensively popular and ranks first in the most used web browsers. Interestingly, Google Chrome shares the world’s 68.5% market. Google Chrome is everyone’s all-time favorite and (RAM-eater) web browser. Designed, developed, and maintained by leading tech giant Google. The prominently used chrome browser is compatible with almost every operating system including Android, iOS, Windows PC, Linux, and some others too.

UC Browser Alternative

Google Chrome comes up with numerous functionalities and with various customization options, you can customize your Chrome the way you want. It has numerous extensions, and it is said to be the fastest and secure web browser. You can sync all of your data in one place through Google’s account.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the second-most used web browser of 2020, with the renewed code and libraries, Microsoft’s edge is a fully-fledged web browser, with almost all available features. Designed and developed by Microsoft Corp. in 2015 for Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft Edge got a revamped look with Chromium base code in 2019, and now it is being the second- most used web browser.

UC Browser Alternative

Initially, it was designed only for Windows 10 OS but now the browser is also available for iOS, macOS, and Android operating systems some news also suggests that soon it will be available for Linux OS.


Apart from these Edge comes with loads of functionalities, it comprises an extension rich library. It has enhanced its security and privacy levels. Notably, Microsoft Edge consumes very less RAM as compared with Google Chrome and some other browsers. Microsoft Edge is a reimagined web browser, with almost all features of the best web browser.

If we are talking about UC browser alternatives than Microsoft Edge would stand first only because of its features, user-friendly User Interface, and many functionalities.

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UC Browser Alternative

The oldest yet widely used web browser, it is one of the best UC browser alternatives. Mozilla Firefox was initially launched in 2002, and another revamped version in 2004. Mozilla is famous for its secure and private browsing, Moreover, it also has huge libraries and add-ons to improve the browsing experience of the user and these libraries and plugins make the browser more user-friendly. You can add multiple add-ons to block ad, trackers and its syncing is something mesmerizing, you can sync and share history, bookmarks as well as tabs between desktop and mobile devices.


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Brave is a reimagined web browser from Brave Software Inc., this is also a Chromium-based web browser as similar to Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. But its user-interface and functionalities are way better. It is a fast, secure, free and open-source web browser. It has an in-built ad-blocker, and the stats can be shown on the home page of the browser. it is a highly customizable web browser with a number of customizing options.

UC Browser Alternative

Brave is slightly different from other web browsers because of its Rewards policy, Brave offers you some BAT for browsing and viewing privacy-respecting ads, and you can donate that amount to the websites or content creators. You can give tips to the websites and content creators directly, this will help them in earning some more revenue than existing ad-models. Moreover, it provides you private browsing with TOR, which masks your location and the IP address from the sites you visit.


Dolphin is another best UC browser alternative for Android, it is another widely popular and convenient web browser, which is being prominent only because of its flexible and well-designed features. Dolphin comes up with various features that increase the user experience and make users fall for it again and again.


It has a gesture feature, which lets you browse with swiping. Its Sonar feature enables the voice search feature, save webpages to the Evernote, and add your own personalized tags, comments, and many more. Dolphin also has its own web app store. It comes up with many more new and unique features that are just amazing to use and enhance your browsing experience.

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Final Verdict

So these were some best UC browser alternatives you can download and use them, these browsers provide a unique browsing experience, and you will love exploring the Internet more and more. Web Browsers are the first thing we interact with- while opening or visiting any site. So, choose your browser as per your preference.

And we can’t say anything about the decision taken by the government, if the Government has banned such a huge amount of apps, knowing that this will affect users. If all the apps are banned as per our security so this is a great decision taken by the government, we can’t risk our privacy and security for any app, we will found the best alternative for them.


But if as said the apps are banned to insult China and affect their economy, then we are speechless. Let us think in a realistic manner because banning few products of the world’s largest market who wish to be the next superpower won’t let us win the war. It may show support to our Army and help us to be more nationalist but this will hardly affect the Chinese Economy.


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