Google is Adding Biometric Confirmation, “touch-to-fill” on Chrome Autofill for Android

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Google is more on the technological reform side and that is the reason why we see some of the coolest technology is available on Google. Now Google is upgrading Chrome Autofill on Android. Now you will have biometric authentication when you will use Chrome Autofill and enter credit card information. You will also have a “touch-to-fill” accounts list.


Chrome Autofill Now Get Biometric Support

Earlier, when you saved a card on Chrome on Android, if Chrome uses the saved card again for any transaction, users have to enter their CVC number for confirmation. This is very simple and straightforward but now Google wants to simplify it a little more. So now you can confirm a transaction just by your fingerprint or face recognition, like on the Pixel 4.

“You still need to provide your CVC the first time you use your credit card, but for future transactions, you will be able to confirm your credit card using biometric authentication — instead of requiring you to pull out your wallet and type in its CVC.”

Chrome Autofill

You will have to set it up initially, there is a whole process for that. And to your good, you can completely disable the Biometric Authentication via Settings. The technology is safe, Google Chrome uses WebAuthn standard to enroll you securely, that also makes sure that your biometric data will never leave the device.

This feature is already available on Mac and Windows and for mobile, it will be arriving “in the coming weeks.”

The simplify password management, Google is planning to simplify the username and password entry process too. You will be seeing a “touch-to-fill” feature that will show you all your saved accounts for the current website. This will be in the form of a “convenient and recognizable” sheet titled “Continue with account.”

The “touch-to-fill” feature will also be rolling out in the coming weeks.


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