Can I Fax From My iPhone?

Can I Fax From My iPhone?
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Like floppy disks and VHS, fax machines have long been obsolete. Even during this era, many companies demand using fax. But the good news is that people can still use iPhone to send a fax.


Lawyers, banks, real estate companies, etc., still use fax machines for printing important documents in the organization.

Can I Fax From My iPhone?

How to Fax from iPhone?

You can use third-party apps to print a fax from your iPhone. Some of these apps are free, while some apps are paid. You can use any of these apps based on your requirement.

The latest fax machines are compatible with smartphones and are also equipped with the latest technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. They also support third-party apps that can help you get the fax done in a fraction of a second.


iFax is a paid app that comes with a 7-days free trial. Once the trial period is completed, you need to subscribe to the $24.99 per month plan. Here is a step-by-step process to use the iFax for sending a fax from iPhone:

  • Firstly, install the app from the Apple App Store.
  • In case you are using the iFax application for the first time on your iPhone, then you are asked to sign up for the service. Now, tap on the ‘Continue’ button and confirm the monthly subscription.
Can I Fax From My iPhone?
  • If you are prompted with any special offers, click on the ‘Skip’ option.
  • Now, enter your email or existing account credentials and log in to your iFax account.
  • Once you see the account is activated, on the homepage, click on the ‘Create a Fax’ button.
Can I Fax From My iPhone?
  • Enter all the details like recipient name, fax number, subject of the fax, etc.
  • Now, select the option ‘Scan or Add Document’.
  • Now choose the option whether you want to scan the document, write a text, email, or gallery.
  • Once you return to the fax page, you can find the ‘Scan or Add Document’ option. If you want to add more pages to the fax, you can use this option.
  • Once done with the page selection, click on the ‘Send’ option to print the fax.


Can I Fax From My iPhone?

This is an easy-to-use fax application for iPhone. One of the best things about the WeFax Application is that it does not require signing up. This fax application is suitable for both individuals and businesses as it can get the fax done in a few simple clicks. Moreover, the layout of the app is very intuitive. 


Can I Fax From My iPhone?

eFax is an award-winning iPhone application that has millions of users around the world at the moment. With the help of this fax app, you can edit, sign, and send a fax through your iPhone with a few simple clicks. One of the best things about this fax application is that it does not require any setup fees.


Can I Fax From My iPhone?

This application is as well an award-winning fax app. If you want the documents to be safe and secured when sending the fax, then Fax. If required, you can get a fax number and receive faxes on your iPhone with the help of fax.Plus application.

This application comes with an inbuilt scanner to scan the document, and then you just need to add the recipient’s fax number or email and send the fax. If needed, you can also attach the files from either iCloud or the local storage.


Which is the best Fax Application for iPhone?

Among the apps listed above, iFax and WeFax are the best ones as they are easy to use and also have an impressive user interface, which makes it easier to send fax from iPhone.


You can use either of the apps mentioned above to fax from your iPhone. While some apps are paid in this list, some are free.

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