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Xbox Live is a multimedia network service successfully integrated into the Microsoft Xbox console. It was first launched in 2002. Since 2007, it has been available on Windows. And since 2010, it has become available on smartphones running Windows Mobile.


Services are provided on a paid and free subscription. The built-in messenger allows PC, phone, and console users to communicate with each other while using Xbox Live media services. It also allows users to watch interesting films, play games, and listen to music.

Practice shows that Xbox Live sometimes refuses to connect to servers, mainly due to network problems or failures with the Live service itself.

According to the experts of the website JATAPP, involved in the development of high-quality mobile apps, IPv6 is another widespread problem connecting to Xbox Live. Microsoft has been criticized more than once for these shutdowns. In some cases, Live does not work due to internal errors or player modules.

It seems appropriate to consider these and other Xbox Live connections problems in detail and identify ways to fix them. Take the time to study the material below.

Why is My Xbox Live Not Working: General Problems Connecting to Xbox Live

5 main reasons cause difficulties when connecting to Xbox Live. But it should be mentioned that not all failures are related to Xbox Live services. Some of the reasons are due to problems on the user’s side. Consider the list below:

  • Xbox Live is disabled. This reason for possible connection failures with Xbox Live is not very common today. But still, sometimes there are cases when the inability to connect is due to it. Unfortunately, this cause cannot be removed. If the Live services are not running (for example, during maintenance work), you cannot access them. After a while, access to Live will be opened;
  • IPv6 on the router. As practice shows, Xbox supports IPv6 services, However, in some cases, Live malfunctions or does not work at all. In such a case, you can try disconnecting IPv6 from the router itself and then verify if that solves the error;
  • Change of Xbox settings. Xbox console usually has its own settings that are used over and over again when the console is restarted. If the settings are somehow corrupted or not working, you will have problems with Xbox Live connecting. Resetting the console to initial factory defaults can quickly resolve this failure;
  • DMZ list. In some cases, your router blocks traffic from the Live services for security reasons. Placing it in the DMZ list may help solve the error;
  • Network errors. This is the last but not least reason. If your network is not operating correctly, you will definitely have difficulties connecting to Xbox Live. Restarting the network modules may help resolve the problem.

Before proceeding to the solution of the listed problems, make sure that you have backup copies of your data. Since it may be necessary to perform a factory reset, you should make sure that all your credentials are saved.

Most Important Condition for a Successful Connection to Xbox Live

Before looking for any problems and trying to fix them, you should check the connection to the Internet global network on your device. It must be uninterrupted.

If you use a public connection (library, school, cinema, etc.), then keep in mind that you cannot connect to Xbox Live. This is because certain ports are blocked on a public connection.


In the case of using a home network, checking is also advisable. You should test the Internet connection on different devices. If everything is in order and you can access the Internet on different devices, but you still cannot connect to Xbox Live, you should use one or more of the following solutions. 

Xboxlive Troubleshooting Tips 

Consider each of the 4 tips below and fix the Xbox Live connection error simply and effectively.

Tip 1: Checking Live Services

The first step you should take is to verify that you are signed in to Xbox Live correctly. If no errors are found, you should proceed to check the Live services. You should make sure they are up and running.

For this, visit the official Live website and check the current status. If there is any system failure or server maintenance, you will not be able to connect to Xbox Live.


You need to understand this in order not to waste extra time and effort on solving the problem. It’s just worth waiting for a while until the service becomes available.

But if you see that the services are up and running and you still can’t access them, you can visit other forums like Reddit. A pattern, demonstrating that many users cannot access the service, can be a signal for you.

Tip 2: Disabling IPv6 on the Router

The operation of the Internet is based on the transfer of data between networks. To exchange data, each computer or other device connected to the Internet must have a unique IP address.

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and its 4.3 billion unique IP addresses have been in use since the inception of the Internet. But IPv4 was originally intended to support experimental research and government networks and not the worldwide, public Internet.


The Internet Assigned Names and Unique Parameters Agency (IANA) issued the last blocks of IPv4 addresses to five regional Internet registrars in February 2011. Very soon, new IPv4 addresses around the world will completely run out.

IPv6 is critical to the continued growth of the Internet as a platform for innovation and economic development. Network operators, Internet companies, equipment manufacturers, software developers, and enterprises need to adopt IPv6. This will allow ensuring continued growth, efficient data transfer, and global connectivity.

However, not all routers are configured to use the IPv6 protocol today. And even if supported, Live services don’t always work properly with it. Therefore, you need to disable IPv6 on the router to fix the problem of connecting to Xbox Live.

For this, visit the login page of your router, open the control panel, and make the appropriate changes. For the changes to take effect, do not forget to save them and restart the device.


Tip 3: Power Cycling Router

The application of this advice should be resorted to if the two above were ineffective and did not allow to solve the problem. It involves turning off the power of your router completely and then turning it back on. This will quickly reset router settings and set up the network again on restart.

Tip 4: Adding to DMZ List

Each router has its own specific security protocol. It determines the rules for passing traffic through the device. Joining Xbox Live is not possible if the connection between the global Internet and Live is broken due to these security protocols.

To fix the Xboxone network error, it is recommended to add the Xbox to the router’s DMZ list. You can also disable the firewall for a while.

Thus, if you have Xbox Live not working, do not be upset, because the problem can be solved quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ve told you how to connect to Xbox Live and how to troubleshoot any problems that arise. Follow the tips above and you’ll surely succeed.

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