Here are the Upcoming Expected MIUI 12 features

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Xiaomi has been working on the MIUI 12 ROM since October 2019. The company also confirmed that they will launch it this year i.e, 2020. It’s actually early for them to release the MIUI 12 as MIUI 11 was just released in September 2019. Even though Xiaomi hasn’t revealed the features officially, a mod in the MI community has released the upcoming expected MIUI 12 features.


Upcoming Expected MIUI 12 features

Revision of the Camera UI

An MIUI’s camera member has hinted that the UI version might be revised. It is expected to be enhanced to adapt like the latest camera lens modules of different smartphones.

MIUI 12 features

The new Navigation bar and Gestures too

Even though the navigation feature isn’t really bad on MIUI 11 it is expected that the new ROM will have better features for the users. They are planning to design the task bar which is placed at the bottom just like the new iPhones.

MIUI 12 features

Dark mode

Even thought the dark mode in MIUI 11 is stables it doesn’t have the global inversion. This means that the dark mode isn’t applicable on all the apps. After developing on this problem the new MIUI 12 will be completely and uniformly dark.

Miui 12 features

A new notification box mechanism

To stop filling your phone screen with so many notifications the MIUI is been working on intuitive grouping of notifications. It is improving the push notification system.

Miui 12 features

Better comprehensive System-level services

It is expected to have more comprehensive system level services like the health app so that it can integrate your health progress that it receives from the Xiaomi fitness gadgets that you use.

Miui 12 features

Optimization of Advertising services

Instead of pop-ups, the company is planning on integrating the advertisements on the system with MIUI 12. We are not sure about this but the company won’t remove the ads since that’s their way of earning revenue.

Better privacy management system

The MIUI 12 will feature a new privacy management system by tightening the rights management of the system.

Miui 12 features

Further, a change in-app icons and also change in background style is expected. There is consistent optimization of display refresh too.


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