How to Fix Hulu Error RUNUNK13?


  • When you are in a full-on mood to binge over your favorite content on Hulu, the error Rununk13 acts as a spoilsport.
  • Network connectivity issues, browser cache, and obsolete applications are some of the reasons for this error.
  • According to the cause, we have mentioned the workarounds to tackle this error effectively.
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Encountering the “Error Rununk13” on Hulu? This frustrating notification interrupts your viewing pleasure when you only want to enjoy a movie or your favorite series.


While annoying, the error is fixable. “Rununk13” indicates an issue with Hulu accessing video content through your internet connection. This article explores troubleshooting steps to restore smooth streaming. 

Getting to the root cause is straightforward. We’ll focus on your network speed and connectivity as potential culprits.

Simple router resets, device checks, and internet speed tests can help resolve the issue. Implement some quick troubleshooting, and soon, you’ll be streaming your preferred Hulu shows again, Rununk13-free.

What are the Causes of the Hulu Error Rununk13 Code?

Before we get the ideas of the solution to this error, Here are some causes for this Hulu Error Rununk13 you must be aware of.

1. Network Connectivity Issues:

If many people use the internet or your provider is having problems, you might see the RUNUNK13 error. Tell your internet company if this happens.

2. Corrupted Cache Files in Hulu App:

Sometimes, the Cache files in Hulu can go bad and create the RUNUNK13 error. To fix it, try troubleshooting and fixing any issues with the Hulu files.

3. Web Browser or Application Outdated:

If your web browser or Hulu app is old, it could cause the RUNUNK13 error. Fix it by updating your web browser or Hulu app to the newest version. Thus, Knowing these things can help you figure out and fix the RUNUNK13 error on Hulu.

How to Fix the Hulu Error Rununk13?

Some of the best methods we have gathered to solve this irritating message are as follows.


1. Restart your device:

An ever-solving method for almost all types of technical errors: Restart your device and internet connection. A simple restart often does the trick and has helped many users eliminate the RUNUNK13 error on Hulu. Give it a shot before moving on to the other solutions.

2. Check your internet connection:

Hulu streaming issues often stem from unstable or slow internet connections. Restarting your Wi-Fi router or contacting your Internet Service Provider may help.

To troubleshoot, use Google’s speed test on the device running Hulu. Ensure you are near the router on a phone, laptop, or desktop. For streaming devices/TVs, test the speed on another nearby device.

Internet Speed Test using Google - Hulu Error RUNUNK13
Internet Speed Test using Google

Aim for 5 Mbps (HD) or 15 Mbps (4K) for smooth streaming. If your speed falls below this, it likely causes buffering and playback issues. Upgrading your internet plan may be necessary.


3. Restart the Hulu app:

Restarting will be your problem solver; however, this time it is for the app you are using! If the RUNUNK13 error keeps popping up on a specific device, close the app and open it again. This can get rid of any messed-up data causing the app trouble.

If you’re using your phone or tablet, choose the app, then click and hold or long-press until extra options appear, and you can force-close the app from there.

4. Reload the page with the show you want to watch:

If your internet is behaving and the issue persists, try loading the content again. This can be a better option to get rid of the code error.

If you’re on a web browser, refresh the webpage and click the link again. For streaming media players, move away from the content page and return to it.


Sometimes, the problem is irritating and might be solved when you refresh the content.

5. Clear your cache and cookies:

If you’re using Hulu on a web browser, then follow these steps, which can be a problem solver for this issue:


For web browser users, the following should be followed:

  1. Go to the History tab in your browser.
  2. On the History tab, choose Manage History, and then click on “Clear browsing data.”
  3. A pop-up will appear; select “All Time” and ensure cookies and cache are checked.
  4. Click on “Clear now.”
Clear Chrome History - Hulu Error RUNUNK13
  1. Open Hulu, log in again, and the issue should be fixed.


For the Android app users, the steps will be as shown below:

  1. Open the “Settings app.”
  2. Click “Apps.”
  3. Select “See all apps” if needed, then tap “Hulu.”
  4. Tap “Storage & cache.”
  5. Tap “Clear storage,” and then tap “Clear cache.”
Clear Hulu Android App Cache - Hulu Error RUNUNK13
  1. This simple process can fix issues caused by corrupted data in the app’s cache.

Thus, clearing unnecessary cookies and cache might fix this error message in the Hulu app or the browser.

6. Reset or repair your Windows 10 Hulu app:

If the problem persists, this simple method can fix Hulu Error Rununk13. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the left side of your Taskbar and search for “Apps” under the Search bar.
  2. Open the Hulu app, click Advanced Options, and choose the “Repair button.”
  3. After the repair, open Hulu to see if the issue is fixed.
  4. If the error persists, go back to the same menu.
  5. This time, select the “Reset button.”
Repair and Reset Windows Hulu App - Hulu Error RUNUNK13
  1. After resetting the app, open Hulu again, log in, and the issue should be resolved.

In general, Hulu error messages can be due to problems with the app or connectivity issues. Thus, you can repair it with this method, and it will work.

7. Make sure to allow JavaScript and Cookies:

The Hulu app relies on your browser’s JavaScript and Cookies features to work smoothly. Make sure they’re enabled to prevent this error message issue; follow these steps to do that:


(Here is the process for Chrome browser)

  1. Open Hulu using the Chrome web browser.
  2. Click “Site information” on the left side of the address bar.
  3. Choose “Site settings.” (in the case of Chrome, you can directly put this on the URL bar: chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?
  4. For JavaScript, click the dropdown and select “Allow.”
Hulu Site Settings Allow JS - Hulu Error RUNUNK13
  1. Now, press Alt+F, select “Settings,” and click “Privacy and security” from the left sidebar. ( or enter this in the URL bar: chrome://settings/cookies)
  2. Under “Cookies and other site data,” check “Allow all cookies.”
Chrome Allow Third Party Cookies - Hulu Error RUNUNK13

Thus, Allowing Cookies and Javascript code should help Hulu run without any issues on your browser.

8. The issue persists because of Poor VPN

Having trouble with Hulu and seeing the RUNUNK13 error code? Well, it might be the culprit if you’re using a VPN.

Many VPN services claim to be awesome for streaming, gaming, and keeping things secure, but many don’t deliver. If you’re using a free or not-so-great VPN to watch Hulu, it could be causing some internet headaches.


These free VPNs might be sharing your network with others, eating up all your bandwidth, and even selling your data to advertisers.

It’s not all bad news. There are good VPNs out there that work well. Our top picks are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. A solid VPN like one can help you stream without annoying restrictions, buffering, or freezing screens.

So, if you want a smoother Hulu experience and better online privacy, check out NordVPN and ExpressVPN. They’ve got your back with secure, fast connections and won’t let you face any error code issues.

9. Reinstall Hulu app:

If that pesky RUNUNK13 error keeps bothering you on Hulu, try reinstalling the app on your device. This ensures you have a fresh, properly installed version.

  1. Open your app drawer and find Hulu in the list.
  2. Press and hold the Hulu app icon until the options menu pops up.
  3. Tap “Uninstall” to remove the app.
  4. Head to the Google Play Store and reinstall Hulu.

This simple reinstall might do the trick and get Hulu running smoothly again on your device. Thus, this can solve your problem if the error code persists.

10. Keep your device up to date:

Ensure everything runs smoothly; keeping your device’s software and firmware up to date is essential. Check for any available updates and install them. This helps tackle compatibility issues and ensures a better streaming experience.

If the steps above don’t fix the Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13, contact Hulu Support for personalized help. They can guide you through additional troubleshooting steps tailored to your specific device.

11. Verify Hulu’s Servers:

If that persistent RUNUNK13 error still pops up on Hulu while you’re catching a movie or TV show, it could mean a server glitch. To check this, you can use external tools like Downdetector to see the current status of Hulu’s servers.

Hulu Staus - Hulu Error RUNUNK13

If it turns out Hulu’s servers are having an issue, the best move is to be patient. Since server issues are beyond your control, any changes you make on your device won’t impact the server’s status. Just hang tight, and Hulu’s team will likely sort things out.

12. Report the Problem to Hulu:

If you’ve tried all the tricks in the book and that RUNUNK13 error code won’t budge on Hulu, it’s time to hand it over to the professionals.

Head to the Help Center and contact Hulu’s customer support. Share your account details and any other info they might need in your report. This helps their team figure out what’s going on faster.

If you cannot find a solution, kindly check out Hulu’s Community page. You might find solutions from other users who’ve faced similar issues there. Let Hulu’s officials take the lead in getting things back on track for you!


The Conclusion – Hulu Error RUNUNK13

In the end, Solving Hulu’s Rununk13 error is way easier than you think, and we explored the simplest steps here, like checking your internet and giving your device some other troubleshooting steps.

But if that error is still hanging around, don’t stress! Just reach out to Hulu’s support team. They’re the professionals.

Stay informed with these straightforward fixes; you’re all set for a hassle-free streaming experience!

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