[Fix] “We encountered an error when switching profiles” in Hulu


  • Hulu users can have up to 6 profiles.
  • Often while streaming or during swapping profiles, you would face an error when switching profiles issue.
  • It does interrupt you, and hence we have mentioned the most effective solutions to resolve it.
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Whether it be Unprisoned, Good Trouble, The Handmaid’s Tale, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or similar, Hulu always has the best content for your entertainment.


Whether it be anime, horror, thriller, action, romance, comedy,  anime, or similar, nothing can replace Hulu’s comprehensive variety.

How about when you are having your gala time by bingeing on your favorite content, and suddenly “We encountered an error when switching profiles” pops up?

Well, that isn’t very pleasant, and it’s apparent to understand it. However, unlike any other app, Hulu also generates several technical errors. We have covered you all with how you can fix it!

We encountered an error when switching profiles

How to Fix “We encountered an error when switching profiles”? 

Several reasons create an issue, and thus, you cannot switch your Hulu profiles. The solutions depend upon the causes, so follow each until you find one that works for you! 

Below-mentioned is how you can resolve it.  

Solution 1: Open Hulu in Incognito Mode 

If you are using Firefox on your browser of PC/Mac, then there’s quite a possibility that cookies are interfering with it.

Besides, other temporary issues with the browser also cause the problem. Hence, you can open Hulu in Incognito Mode to fix the problem. It’s easy to do so by visiting the menu on your browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. 

Follow the steps given below to do so: 


Open Incognito Mode in Chrome 

  • Head over to Chrome and tap on the three-dotted icon at the right to open the Menu.
  • Select New Incognito Tab from the drop-down.
Chrome Incognito - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

Open Incognito Mode in Firefox 

  • Head over to Firefox and click on the tri-lined icon.
  • A drop-down menu appears; select New Private Window.
Firefox Incognito - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

The Private Window is the Incognito mode of Firefox. Further, after opening it on your browser, you must check the Hulu homepage. Now, try again and check if this resolves the issue or not. If yes, then browser issues were the responsible cause. 

Solution 2: Force Restart Hulu and Try Again

Another cause you faced we encountered an error when switching profiles is that your app or software might have too much cache. Therefore, a simple step of force restarting Hulu helps. 

Follow the steps given below to do so: 

Force Restart Hulu on Smartphone

  • Exit the Hulu app and remove it from the Recent Apps on your device.
  • Open your device settings and click Force Stop for Hulu.
Force Stop Hulu - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu
  • Now, go to the Hulu app and try again.

Force Restart Hulu on the PC

  • Close the Hulu software on your PC.
  • Navigate to the Task Manager and end its related processes.
  • Further, open Hulu software and retry.
Hulu PC - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

Many users reported that a simple force Restart helped them resolve the issue. This happens when there is no significant cause behind it. But if this doesn’t help you, then the following methods will help you. 


Solution 3: Reboot your Device 

Another reason of we encountered an error when switching profiles issue can be too much cache on your device, temporary glitches, or an unstable internet connection. To resolve them all, you have to restart your device.

Restart Android - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

Furthermore, if you suspect poor internet, then perform a speed test and put your phone/laptop in airplane mode, and then disable it. If still, the internet is poor, then restart your router or contact your ISP provider and retry. 

Solution 4: Update Hulu on Your Device 

Outdated software can cause the Hulu app to function non-optimally on your device. It leads to several errors, including the error when switching profiles.

Follow the steps given below to update Hulu on your device:


Update Hulu on Android 

  • Open PlayStore and type Hulu in the search box.
  • The search result will show you Hulu with the Update button.
  • Tap on Update and let the process complete.

You will see the Update button only if there’s an update available.

Update Hulu on iOS

  • Go to App Store and search for Hulu
  • In the search results, you will see the Update button if there is an update available for Hulu. 
  • Click on Update to proceed. 

It’s noteworthy that the updated Hulu app isn’t supported on iOS 9 or below. 

Update Hulu on Firestick

  • Open Firestick Home and go to your Apps and Games. 
  • Navigate to the Hulu app and tap on More Options. 
  • Select More Info and open the latest version that’s available.
  • Click on Yes to proceed with the updation process. 

Update Hulu on Windows 

  • Press the Win key to open the Start menu and select Microsoft Store to open. 
  • Tap on the See More button at the top-right and click on Download and Updates. 
  • Select Get Updates, and Microsoft Store will start checking for updates.
  • If Hulu software’s update is available, then it will automatically install it.

Besides, it’s noteworthy that if an update is available, then proceeding with it will troubleshoot your problem. If not, then the following methods will help! 

Solution 5: Update the Software

An outdated device software also causes the “We encountered an error when switching profiles” issue on Hulu. This is because your device is then incompatible with the Hulu app.


Besides, the device software often develops bugs leading to multiple errors with the functioning of different apps, including Hulu. Here too, an update works as a bug patch for you. Hence, updating the software helps!

Follow the steps given below to do so: 

Update Software on Android 

  • Open Settings and go to Software Update.
  • Click on Download & Install.
OnePlus Software Update - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

Your phone will start checking for any updates available and proceed to install if there are any. Further, it’s noteworthy that the process to update Software on Android might differ slightly depending upon your OEM.

Moreover, if you use Hulu on any device like Firestick, try updating the firmware. However, if you use Hulu on a browser, then this solution won’t help. 


Update Software on iOS 

  • Open iPhone/iPad settings and go to General.
  • Select Software Updates, and it will start checking for them.
Update iPhone - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

You will be prompted to install the update if there’s any. 

Update Software on Windows 

  • Open the Start Menu and go to Settings.
  • Select Update & Security and navigate to Windows Update.
  • Press the check for Updates button.
Update Windows - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

Windows will now start scanning for updates. Install if there is any of it available. 

Solution 6: Unlink your Old Facebook Account from Hulu

This solution applies to you if you use Hulu in a browser. It happens when there is a conflict between your Facebook account and your Hulu profile.

You might have logged into your Facebook account, or there shall be a saved Facebook cookie associated with an old Hulu account. 


Thus, when you try to switch profiles or stream on Hulu, it abruptly looks up for the Facebook account and fetches one which isn’t associated with your Hulu.

In such a scenario, you should check your Hulu account and unlink Facebook. You can also try clearing cookies and cache and clearing Facebook passwords to eliminate the problem.

Solution 7: Remove Non-essential Devices Linked to your Hulu 

Another unknown cause of the issue is the linked devices to your Hulu account. Many of you would have too many devices added to your Hulu account.

Many might be in a region where Hulu doesn’t work. Besides, even if it exceeds the limit of linked devices, then too the “We encountered an error when switching profiles” is viable. Hence, you must remove unnecessary devices connected to your Hulu account.


Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Go to Hulu and tap on your Profile icon to open the Your Account page.
  • Scroll Down to Watch Hulu on Your Devices And tap on the Manage Devices option below.
  • You will see a list of the devices associated with your Hulu account. You have to click the Remove button next to the device you want to remove.
Remove Non-essential Devices Linked to your Hulu - "We encountered an error when switching profiles" in Hulu

But If there’s no non-essential device or any issue with geo-restriction, then the below method will help you! 

Solution 8: Reinstall Hulu 

When nothing seems to work, all you can do is reinstall Hulu, and there are chances that the installation has gone corrupt. For it, uninstall the Hulu application from your PC or phone and then download it again. 

Solution 9: Contact Hulu Support 

If you use Hulu on your browser and none of the workarounds help you, then you must contact Hulu Support for assistance.


Visit https://help.hulu.com/s/, specify your issue, and then Hulu’s technical support team will get back to you as soon as possible to fix your problem.

Even if you find any of the solutions difficult to implement then too, Hulu support helps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why won’t Hulu let me select a profile? 

    Cache memory often interrupts you from selecting a profile on Hulu. To fix it, exit the app or close the website, clear the cache, close Recent Apps (from phone), end related processes from Task Manager (Windows), and then open the app and try again. 

  2. How do I delete a Hulu profile?

    Go to the Manage Profiles section, choose the profile you wish to delete, go to Edit profile, and tap on Delete Profile.

  3. Can you transfer a Hulu profile to another account?

    You can transfer a Hulu profile to another account.

  4. Does Hulu allow multiple profiles?

    Yes, Hulu allows multiple profiles for every user. You can have up to 5 profiles, including your main one, which makes up to 6. 

The Final Verdict – “We encountered an error when switching profiles” in Hulu

Many of you would find the We Encountered an Error When Switching Profiles issue, which creates inconvenience.

However, what’s noteworthy is that it’s not the app bug or site server issue, but its causes differ. Some reasons include too much cache memory for Hulu or your device or browser issues. 


Besides, temporary glitches are another prominent cause. Further, ensure that your app and device are updated to the latest version.

If too many devices are linked to your Hulu account, remove the non-essential ones. You must follow our guide to Troubleshoot the issue. But if nothing helps, then reinstall Hulu or contact Hulu support. 

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