How to Effectively Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?


  • Steam Deck offers PC-quality gaming at the pace of handheld consoles.
  • Often with the Steam account, there’s an issue in Cloud sync on the Steam deck.
  • With seven proven methods, we have mentioned how you can fix it.
Steam Deck
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I have often stumbled upon the fact that no matter my age, I always love gaming. What I love about my adulthood is that it has allowed me to overcome restrictions and enjoy gaming to the fullest.


Whether it be playing over gaming PCs or handheld consoles, there are plenty of options for me. However, a custom gaming PC is still a goal for me.

Yet, I always cherished digging into the nostalgia of Hogwarts Legacy. This is because the Wizarding world has always grabbed my eyeballs. 

Fortunately, with the innovation of Steam Deck, I was able to enjoy the game and several more, like Elden Ring, Apex of Legends, and more.

Nothing seems enough, and it has also become my travel buddy. The most exciting part is that it offers the same gaming quality as a custom gaming PC.

Steam Deck - Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

However, one of the things I have dealt with is the Steam Cloud sync error which hasn’t synced my gaming progress, and I have to begin the game from scratch.

It has troubled me a lot, so I tried several methods to troubleshoot it, and if you are facing a similar issue, I will help you! 

How to Troubleshoot Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error? 

There are several reasons behind the error, and accordingly, you must tackle it. Below are the methods that will help you with it! 

Method 1: Check Steam Server Status

I do understand the value that your Steam Cloud holds for you. While you are concerned about it, the good part is that often, the issue is not from your end but the backend.


Yes, the Steam servers would be under maintenance and hence leading to the cloud sync error. During that time, all you can do is wait. 

Steam Server Status - Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

To check the Steam server status, visit affiliated with Steam or us), and if the server or your location is down, you can wait. 

If the server isn’t, then there’s no need to bother, as you can then fix it yourself. The following methods will help you with it. 

Method 2: Restart Steam Deck 

The Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error is quite often due to temporary glitches. Therefore, you need to restart it. 

  1. Press the Steam button and click on Power. 
  2. Now, select the Restart option.
Restart Steam Deck - Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

The Deck would restart and let the process complete. However, if it is stuck on the power on option, you must force restart the device.

To do so, long press the Power button of Steam Deck for 10 seconds. The unresponsive screen was because of a software-related problem or a glitch. A force restart helps. 

Method 3: Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization

While you are wondering why the Cloud Synchronization feature is not working on Steam Deck, the apparent reason many times is that the feature is turned off.

You might have disabled Cloud sync, or it would be turned off by default. Therefore, you must enable it! 

  1. Press the Steam button and choose the Steam menu from the top-left corner.
  2. Select Settings and expand the Cloud tab. 
  3. Click on the Enable Steam Synchronization checkbox to enable the feature. 
  4. Tap on OK to save your changes. 

Further, restart your Steam Deck for the changes to reflect. 

Method 4: Repair the Steam Library Folder

You would notice that the error persists only for one or some specific games, which happens commonly.

Often missing or corrupted game files in the Steam Library Folder makes it troublesome for the Steam games to run optimally. You might even face error messages similar to how you face the Cloud sync issue. 

To resolve it, you must repair the Steam library Folder. This will fetch the missing game files and fix the corrupted ones. 

  1. Press the Steam button and choose the Steam menu.
  2. Go to Settings and navigate to Downloads. 
  3. Select Steam library folders and choose the specific game. 
  4. Open the Options menu and select Repair Folder. 
  5. Tap on Yes when prompted to proceed. 

Now, let the process complete. Afterward, retry, and Steam would be able to Cloud sync quickly. Besides, if more games are facing such an issue, then repeat the process for each of the specific games. 

Method 5: Check for Particular Game Updates

If repairing the Steam Library Folder didn’t help you, then obsolete game updates are why the particular game isn’t syncing to Cloud.

This is because older versions do generate errors, and some of them even have bugs, and updates introduce bug patches. So, updating the game to the latest version helps! 

  1. Head over to Steam Library and scroll down to Manage. 
  2. Click on it and select Properties. 
  3. Expand the Updates tab and choose Automatic Updates. 

Now, let the Steam Deck complete with updating the particular game. Afterward, restart your Steam Deck for the changes to reflect, which will resolve the issue. 


Method 6: Check for SteamOS Updates

If the error weren’t for one or some specific games yet on your overall device, then the Steam Deck would be running an obsolete OS.

It interferes and doesn’t let your device perform optimally, leading to issues like Steam Cloud sync errors. Hence, you must upgrade it to the latest version! 

  1. Press the Steam button and select Settings. 
  2. Press the A button and choose System. 
  3. Navigate to System Update Channel. 
  4. Select the Stable channel or other respective one which you use and choose the Restart Now option. 
  5. It will set up a new System Channel. 
  6. Now, follow the above steps given and click on Check for Updates. 
  7. Tap on Apply, and your device will restart. 

After doing so, your Steam OS will start rebooting, letting the process complete. Now, the Cloud sync will be complete. 

Method 7: Retry Cloud Sync 

If the above solutions didn’t help, which seems impossible, or you weren’t able to follow it well, then you can manually perform Cloud sync with each of the games. 

  1. Press the Steam button and choose the game which has sync issues. 
  2. Go to Cloud Sync and choose the Out of Sync option. 
  3. A pop-up box would appear; select Retry Sync. 

The Steam Deck will then initiate the sync process. Let it complete. And then you will see Up to date after it completes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force Steam Deck to sync with the Cloud?

To force Steam Deck to Sync with the Cloud, you can manually initiate it for each game you wish to! You can refer to Method 7 of the guide for it.

Why is my Steam Deck not working?

When your Steam Deck doesn’t work that it becomes responsive, it would be an OS-level error. Hence, you should force restart the Steam Deck by pressing the Power button for 10 seconds.

Why does Steam Deck keep getting cloud errors?

An unstable WiFi/router connection keeps generating a Cloud error. Besides, if the sync is off on either of the devices, then that also results in the issue.

The Final Word – Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

The Steam Deck Cloud sync error irritates you by not saving your gaming progress or uploading it to Steam Cloud, and thus you cannot progress in the game.

By following my comprehensive tried and tested guide, you would have resolved the issue. For sure, it’s necessary to have stable WiFi connectivity throughout.

Besides, let me know in the comments which method helped you fix the problem! 


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