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YouTube TV’s compatibility with Amazon Fire TV Stick has opened a new world of cordless entertainment for you. When you stream YouTube Tv on Firestick, it is obvious for you to expect uninterrupted entertainment services.


However, in reality, often, it does not happen, and this will upset you. Be it YouTube videos, YouTube TV, or YouTube Kids, none of them works in such a case. 

The issue is mostly a YouTube TV playback error. Several factors account for the issue; however, you can adopt several methods to fix the issue.

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How to Fix YouTube TV not working on Firestick?

You can implement several methods prescribed below to resolve the YouTube playback error. They are listed below: 

Method 1: Ensure a Stable Network Connection

Speedtest - YouTube TV Not Working on Firestick

YouTube has plenty of features to enhance your viewing experience. For a richer experience, it enables content quality with as much as 4K resolution.

But streaming in better resolution requires a fast and stable internet connection. For a reliable streaming experience, choose at least 40 Mbps speed for streaming on YouTube.

If you have a faster internet connection, several factors usually affect Fire TV Stick’s internet connection.

If too many devices are connected to your network, it may slow down the Firestick’s speed. Even if a large file is being downloaded over your internet connection, then it will slow down the internet speed and affect the streaming quality on Firestick.


Check if a thick wall exists between your router and Fire TV Stick or not. The thick walls act as barriers and often interfere with the streaming speed.

Or do you think that your Internet Service Provider is throttling your YouTube streaming? Nowadays, some ISPs intentionally slow their internet speed to lower bandwidth consumption.

A slower network connection low-speed internet causes the videos to buffer or even show you offline at times. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a stable and fast internet connection.

Method 2: Try Resetting your Router

Router Featured - YouTube TV Not Working on Firestick
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Often, there is a possibility that the main reason is not your WiFi or TV. In such times, the router to which your WiFi is connected affects the network connectivity. Hence, the network doesn’t allow YouTube content streaming on Fire Stick.


To fix the issue, you should try updating your firmware to the latest version. If it does not work, then you can reset your router. Moreover, you should also ensure that your YouTube TV works on Firestick and streams the videos seamlessly or not. 

A seamless YouTube streaming on Fire TV Stick ensures that the videos should not lag meanwhile. Checking the router is necessary to prevent any YouTube playback errors. 

Additional Information: It is mandatory to ensure that your Fire TV Stick is connected to a 5Ghz network connectivity. If it’s connected to 2.4Ghz on any other network, the device will connect automatically on 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz, causing YouTube TV to not work on Fire TV Stick.

Method 3: Switch to YouTube’s Guest Mode

YouTube often locks your account without any specific reason. Under these circumstances, YouTube will not dream of any content, however.

To get rid of these, switch to the Guest Mode on YouTube to stream accounts. Alternatively, you can also switch Google accounts to avail yourself of YouTube services.


You can stream content without signing up, and this is the special feature of YouTube’s Guest more and thus does not act as a barrier amidst your entertainment.

Method 4: Clear YouTube Cache on your FireStick

You can often clear an app’s cache to resolve app crashes and several anonymous minor issues. Similarly, here clearing YouTube can prove useful; follow the steps given below to clear the YouTube cache:

  • Go to Firestick’s Home
  • Open it, press, and hold onto the home button.
  • Navigate the Settings menu.
  • Then search and visit the applications menu.
  • Open and Manage Installed Applications in the list. You have to scroll down to locate the YouTube app.
  • From it, please scroll down to the Clear Cache option to press it and clear it from the menu.

YouTube TV has a corrupted app cache then, leading to playback errors. Clearing YouTube’s cache may clear the unnecessary data.

Method 5: Restart your Device

This is another simple yet effective method to fix the issue. Follow the steps mentioned below to restart your Firestick:

  • Go to Firestick Home.
  • Here, long press on the home button.
  • From the menu, navigate to Settings.
  • Explore and scroll down to the My Fire TV option.
  • In the list, scroll down and click the Restart button.

Restarting your Firestick refreshes the content and network settings. 

Method 6: Reinstall the App

If none of the tricks work for your Firestick then, you can use another method to fix the YouTube Playback error on Firestick. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Firestick Home.
  • Press and hold to the home button.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Locate and go to the Applications menu.
  • Open the Manage Installed Applications and go to the YouTube application.
  • In it, scroll down until you see Uninstall. Click to Uninstall YouTube.
  • Now, you will be asked for confirmation, confirm and then reinstall YouTube from Amazon’s App Store.

Reinstalling the app clears the unnecessary app data and app cache and lets you stream videos seamlessly once again.

Method 7: Check the App Server

YouTube TV not working on Firestick can be from the backend issue. Like, you will not access YouTube on any of the devices if the YouTube server is down.

Downdetector - YouTube TV Not Working on Firestick
  • To examine it, you should visit the Downdetector website.
  • On the website, type YouTube in the search bar.
  • If you notice any uncertainties, the issue is surely from Google’s end.

You cannot do anything in such a case. Wait for the issue to be resolved from the backend so you can start streaming content on Fire Stick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure if my YouTube TV is down or not?

There are several sites available detecting the same. Downdetector is one such site that you can visit to check if YouTube is down or not.

Why are the first-sen Firesticks not compatible with YouTube TV?

Due to some disputes between Google and Amazon, it had removed YouTube TV from the Amazon App Store. However, the disputes are now under control. Therefore, you can stream YouTube TV in the later versions of the Firesticks.


When you experience the YouTube playback error, you may find it difficult to fix. However, you can fix YouTube TV not working on Firestick with the easy and quick above methods without any hassle. 

So implement them to enjoy a seamless bingeing experience.

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