How to Cast to Fire Stick from Mobile and PC?

Cast to Fire Stick
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Casting on TVs running on Amazon Fire Stick from PC and mobile has become a piece of cake. It lets you display content from your PC or Mobile to the TV setup with Fire Stick.


This comes in handy when you are trying to cast content that would look better on a TV than a smartphone and vice versa and yes, we do have a lot of content that fits various screen sizes. 

For instance, an MCU movie is best suited on a large screen i.e. TV, while the favorite episode of the Sherlock Holmes TV series might be more entertaining when watching on a smartphone.

Anyways, here’s how you can cast to Fire Stick from Mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows). Read along.

Cast to Fire Stick from Mobile and PC

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How to Cast to Fire Stick from Mobile and PC?

The process is quite simple. You will have to activate display mirroring on your Fire TV and then use the phone/PC to cast to the Fire Stick. Here’s how you can do it.

How To Activate Display Mirroring on a Fire Stick?

Step 01: First up, turn on the TV (of course).

Step 02: Press and hold the Home button on the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote for a few seconds till an assortment of options appears on the screen.

Step 03: Tap on “Mirroring” which is “Casting” but in Amazon’s lexicon.


Step 04: A window will appear on the screen that says that you have activated “Display Mirroring” on your TV and it is now waiting for a guest device to join in.

Step 05: You can press any button on the remote to exit the mirroring mode.

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How to Cast to Fire Stick From Android?

Here’s how you can cast to fire stick from Android devices.


Step 01: First up, go to Settings on your device,

Step 02: Next, search for the “Cast” option either via the search settings field or dig through the settings to find the option. It is likely in the “Bluetooth & device connection” option.

Step 03: Tap on the “Enable” button on top of the screen to enable “Cast”.

Step 04: Find the Amazon Fire TV Stick from the list of available devices. If you have set a different name, look for the said name and tap on it to connect.


Step 05: You will receive a prompt asking you to start mirroring or not, select “Start Now” and you have successfully connected the phone to the TV via Fire Stick.

Step 06: Now you can play or view any supported content on your phone and it will be cast or mirrored on the Fire Stick as well. This is how you can cast to Fire Stick from Android smartphones.

Note that this feature works on Android v4.2 and above and in some devices, the minimum OS requirement can be different. Also, since every OEM uses a different custom UI on top of the Android OS version, the procedure can differ ever so slightly. In Samsung, it uses the feature called Smart View for Casting, and similarly, all the OEMs could have different nomenclature for mirroring/casting. 

How to Cast to Fire Stick from PC and Laptops?

Windows on PCs and laptops offer a much better outlook for users as there is a tonne of features, unlike macOS. This means casting from PCs is a piece of cake even if you don’t know your way on a desktop or laptop.

You can cast on a TV via Fire Stick from PCs using these simple instructions to follow. 

  • On the taskbar, tap on the Windows Action Center. You will get a small square icon resembling a dialog box on the extreme right of the taskbar. Tap on it.
  • Tap on Expand if no options appear. Skip the various Quick Tiles options.
  • Tap on “Connect” which should have a symbol of a monitor and an arrow on it.
  • You’ll get a list of available devices and tap on your TV’s name such as “Jack’s Fire TV” or “Leslie’s TV” or any other custom name.
  • After a few seconds, you’ll see your PC’s screen on the TV. 

This is among the simplest methods you can cast to Fire Stick from your laptops and PC running on Windows OS. 

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How To Cast to Fire Stick from iPhone or iPad?

iOS on iPhone and iPad devices isn’t as open as its Android counterpart. Thus, you cannot cast directing on a TV unless you use a screen mirroring app unless you have Apple TV. Here’s how it works. 

Step 01: First up, go to Fire TV and download a screen mirroring app such as “Screen Mirroring for Fire TV” and install it.


Step 02: Next, find a corresponding app on your iOS device as well.

Step 03: Run on the app on your iPhone/iPad and find the TV’s name assuming that both the devices are running on the same network.

Step 04: Once you find the TV’s name on the device, select it and connect. If you can’t find it, tap on “ Connect via QR code” when a QR code will appear on the screen where you can scan and connect.

Step 05: This is freemium which means you will have to watch an ad. Tap on “Watch Ad” if you don’t want to subscribe. Tap on “Go Pro” to subscribe to the premium version.


Step 06: Tap on “Screen Mirror (Cast Screen)” and tap on “Start Broadcast”. 

Note that when you download an app for mirroring on an iOS device, the on-screen instructions are sufficient to give you pointers and what to do to connect to the said TV and cast the content accordingly.

There are a bunch of others available including AirReceiver, Reflector 2, AllConnect for Fire TV, AirBeam TV Mirroring Receiver, AirPlay Mirror, among others. 

How to Cast to Fire Stick from Mac devices?

Just as the case with iOS, the macOS doesn’t have a direct way to cast content on the TV via Mac devices so here’s how you can do it.


Step 01: First up, ensure that your TV and the Mac device are connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 02: Go to the Fire Stick home screen and search for the “AirPlay” mirroring app. You can download “AirPlayMirror Receiver” and install it.

Step 03: On Mac’s front, go to System Preferences >> Displays and toggle the checkmark against “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available”.

Step 04: Now, select “AirPlay” on your Mac and check out for the Fire Stick TV name to connect to. 


Step 05: Tap on the TV you find and it is done.

Closing Phrases – Cast to Fire Stick from Mobile and PC

With this, I have concluded how to cast to Fire Stick from a Phone or PC. This know-how guide encapsulates methods for connecting to Fire Stick via Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices alike.

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