FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

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How many times have you come across the term FTM? How many times has it annoyed you, or are you curious about knowing what it means? If either is the case, then you should know the meaning of FTM, and we have got you all covered with it! 


FTM has different meanings that vary with categories like Phone, Computer Networking, Accounts and Finance, Crypto, Software, Medical Conditions, or Pregnancy! Read more to know about all.

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

FTM in Phone

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

Whenever you face network connectivity issues on your phone, you would check out the signal bars at the top of your screen. But is it a reliable indicator? You often notice 4 bars on your phone yet struggle with the network. This is because most mobiles have 5 lines while others have 4.

Besides, it differs with network providers and types of networks like LTE, 4G, 3G or similar. It becomes noteworthy that it is not a reliable signal test indicator. Here, the role of FTM in Phones pops in.

FTM in Phone means Field Test Mode. The most credible signal test tests your network through a site survey. So suppose you find weaker networks in your office, Computer labs, workspace, or home, then you should go for a Site Survey.

If it shows weaker strength, then you can boost the signal. Field Test Mode is a tool that indicates exact signal strength instead of showing inaccurate signal bars. FTM in Phone is a part of the Site Survey. Be it your Android, iOS, or phone with any other OS, they all have a method to access the Field Test Mode.

FTM in Computer Networking 

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

How about your device’s Operating System working despite a failure? 

Yes, you heard that right! Be it software or hardware failure; there is a process by which your system can function despite a malfunction. Such a process is called Fault Tolerance Management, abbreviated as FTM in Computer Networking. 

This process works upon tackling a single breakdown in the system. It means that if your OS has several Faults due to a single breakdown in the node, then it would not interrupt your operations. Thus, you can use important programs on your device to create a backup to play safe.  


FTM in Accounts and Finance

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

FTM Meaning in Accounts and Finance, stands for Financial Transaction Management. However, IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager software is now renowned as FTM software. Whether assessing your transactions, integrating platforms, or similar processes, you can do it all with FTM software.

Besides, it lets you process payments through varied options suiting your prerequisites and Club them on a single gateway. Moreover, it uses Cloud Storage, so you do not have to bother about the costs of buying separate hardware for storage. 

FTM in Crypto

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

Cryptocurrency has stemmed from Defi *Decentralized Finance and is recognized for better investment opportunities. With the advent of Web3 technology, it is gathering more fame. Initially, Bitcoin (BTC) was used interchangeably with Crypto.

It now had certain limitations, like fluctuating values, low scalability, and faster processing. Several more crypto coins like Fantom, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have emerged. Fantom’s cryptocurrency is FTM which is an abbreviation. Therefore, do not confuse FTM meanings in Finance with that in Crypto.


FTM in Software

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

FTM in Software has several meanings like Family Tree Maker, File Transfer Management, Fault Tolerance Management, and even IBM’s Financial Transaction management software. The former two are widely used in software, while the others share a different category and are mentioned. 

With 30 years of trust, Family Tree Maker software has won the hearts of its fans. So, if you want to prepare a Family Tree for your school project, or store related information in it, then FTM software helps you out with the best. 

Many of you would love to carry your family legacy and decrypt information from it, and here’s how FTM software stores family legacy. You can even share it with your peers. An easy GUI, web search platform and rich functionalities have increased its fan base.

So, it is not only easy to use, but it allows you to make a family tree in the vastness of a few clicks. The coolest part is that it has one-click sync to Ancestry.com.


FTM in Medical Condition 

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

Ever heard about Gender Dysphoria? Well, it’s a medical condition in which a person is dissatisfied with their gender. Its cases usually arise when a person is assigned a gender since birth that is different from their legitimate one.

Some of the possible causes even include the urge for opposite sex organs. For example, females often tend to have smaller breasts or male-like characteristics. As a medical condition, the FTM stands for Female to Male. 

In this method, medical procedures are given to patients suffering from Gender Dysphoria to change them to male forever temporarily. However, its effects at least last till 6 months.

A medical practitioner gives females a treatment wherein their female-like physique and hormonal traits are suppressed, and male-like characteristics become prominent. For proceeding, the same Testosterone (male sex hormone) is induced into the female’s body. The male set hormone suppresses Estrogen (Female Sex Hormone).


As Estrogen is responsible for female-like characteristics, physique, and traits, suppressing it helps with the FTM process. You might not have heard much about it in medicine as it is better known as T therapy. 

But if you are a social media freak and use Snapchat, Instagram or Tinder, then you would have heard of FTM, which again means Female to Male. 

FTM in Pregnancy 

FTM Meaning: Everything you Need to Know About

Have you ever seen the joy of expecting mothers? Be it for the first time or not, joy cannot be expressed. First Time Moms tend to express their happiness and feelings for their little ones in every possible way. Therefore, FTM Meaning in Pregnancy, stands for First Time Mom. Some of you might feel absurd, but it is Pregnancy Lingo.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is it good to buy FTM?

Buying FTM has never been a regrettable deal. On the contrary, Fantom has recorded the highest growth in 2021. Besides, trends also predict that in the following year, its price will soon reach US $2.50. 


Can Fantom reach $100?

Yes, Fantom price trends predict that Fantom might reach $100 in the upcoming years. 

The Wrap Up

If you were searching for FTM Meaning, you would have gotten your answer! It means Field Test Mode in Phone, Fault Tolerance Management in Computer Networking, and Financial Transaction Manager in software.

At the same time, Crypto means Fantom, Female to Male in medical condition, and First Time Mom in Pregnancy. It has several more meanings, but the above-mentioned ones are widely used.

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