Get Genuine Windows 10 as Cheap as 250 INR (3 USD)

Windows 10
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Do you want to get official Windows 10 at free of cost or as cheap as 250 INR/3 USD? We can spend thousands of rupees on purchasing a laptop/computer, some of them have integrated official Windows 10 but many times it is OEM Windows. Also, we purchase a system build for thousands of rupees but when it comes to the operating system we all end up using pirated Windows 10 because official Windows will cost us another piece of thousand rupees. Yes, we can go to the open-source operating system, we can choose some distros of Linux but our love for Windows and that too much user-friendly UI doesn’t let us go.


So, do you want to know how you can upgrade to Windows 10 without paying a high amount? or maybe you are Windows 7 user but Windows 7 now comes to end of its life, no more security updates, and no more support from Microsoft that’s why a huge number of Windows 7 users want to upgrade to Windows 10. Again. the problem stuck to the budget, official Windows 10 cost a lot more than our financial plan, how you will manage? So, no need to worry, we are here to help you we will tell you how to get Genuine Windows 10 in Cheap Price. Read the complete article and buy your own original official Windows 10.

Genuine Windows 10

Get Genuine Windows 10 at Cheap Price

I know you are still wondering that magic or what tricks we are going to tell you, and after using that you will get official Windows 10 as cheap as 250 INR/3 USD. First, let me explain What is the need for upgrading to Windows 10? Why everyone has such a craze toward Windows 10? We have so many operating systems, but why everyone prefers Windows 10 over any other Operating System?

Windows 10 is a series of an operating systems designed and developed by Microsoft, Inc. Windows 10 was released as a part of the Windows NT operating system, but now Windows 10 is itself become a series of different operating systems, each with different packages. Like we have

  • Windows 10 Home,
  • Windows 10 Pro,
  • Windows 10 Workstation,
  • Windows 10 Education.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise,
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstation
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows 10 LTSC,

Microsoft’s Windows 10 initially released in July 2015, but after that, it comes in different versions, with each new update, it has a new version, some new features, correction of some bugs, more updated security. Let’s have a look at the versions, and why you should always go with the higher or latest updated version. Different versions of Windows 10 are:

Version 1909 and 2004 both are the latest version, but I will recommend going with 2004. Version 1809, 1903 are older but still maintained, you can also choose them but they will not have as many as features 2004 have, and soon they will also be out of the box, and you need to update with the latest one, so always prefer the latest version. Fast Ring is still under development and hasn’t released yet. If you want so you can wait for that too. Version 2004 will be released on May 28, 2020, not so much far away I hope you can wait a couple of weeks for having the latest updated Windows 10 with advance security and advance setup.

Buy Links

So here, we were discussing how you can get your official latest Windows 10 at a low cost. Nothing can be cheaper than free. If you search for product key of Windows 10 at Amazon or any other e-commerce site you will get it for thousands of rupees and you don’t have to spend too much money if you are getting the same thing at no cost.

We have handpicked some cheap keys’ buy links, you can choose and buy your own original product key at an exceptionally low cost from the below button.

All these links are of the hand-picked seller and you will get an original product, still, I am advising you, kindly prefer to buy with eBay Premium Service Seller.


All those links are of and If you want to buy from India and want to have the flexibility to pay via Debit card or Freecharge/PayTM/MobiKwik then buy from this seller on! Not the cheapest but then you get the flexibility of payment.

How to Activate it?

Windows 10 key will be delivered to via Email in matter of few minutes and input the key by going in Settings-Update & Security- Activation- Change Product key! BOOM! You have officially activated Windows 10 now.

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