Google Discontinuing the Play Music, Launches YouTube Music Migration Tool

Google Play Music migrating to YouTube Music
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Google is wanting to make YouTube Music as its main audio streaming platform and has been working really hard to do that. For that, it has also added file upload support and Explore tab. Now it seems that Google is confident with YouTube music and will be discontinuing the Play Music permanently this year.


For this, Google has also started to roll out a migration tool that will allow Play Music users to shift all their content and data to the YouTube Music. There is also an additional workflow to move podcasts over to Google Podcasts.

So the discontinuing might still take a while but users who use or have used original streaming service by Google will see banners on both YouTube Music and Play Music, about the shutting down of the old platform. Till the old platform shuts down, users can use both the platforms.

Shifting of Content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

t is possible to shift all of your content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Just click here, via banners on both apps, or by searching “Transfer from Google Play Music” in YouTube Music settings. So either way you will need YouTube Music app or its website to transfer your content.

So once you start to shift your content, a screen will inform you that all of your data, like music, recommendations, playlists, stations, liked and disliked songs, uploads and purchases, albums and songs in your library, and your current membership and pricing will be copied over. The first thing to migrate will be your recommendations so you can start streaming on YouTube Music while all of your data will still be transferring.

You will receive a notification and an email for confirmation once the process is complete and you can migrate the data again if you will continue to use Play Music before it gets shut down.

The tool is designed very simply, either you can migrate all of your data or none! So if you do not migrate all of your data from Play Music to YouTube Music, then you will have to start the streaming service from scratch. Or you will have to delete some of the data on YouTube music after the completion of the migration.

The pricing for paid plans will also not change except if you are from a country with fluctuating currencies, you might see a plan change. While all the paid content will be shifted completely, you might lose access to some subscriptions that are not available on YouTube Music.

Those who listen to Podcasts on Play Music can shift their data like subscriptions and episode progress to Google Podcasts. The migration tool is available here.


The migration tool is rolling out and should be available for everyone on version 3.65 of YouTube. It’s available on the Play Store.

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