YouTube Music Comes to Android TV

YouTube Music
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YouTube is expanding its music domain and for that now it has added YouTube Music on Android TV. This was not the case earlier as the YouTube Music service exists as a separate tab on the YouTube app on Android TV.


YouTube Music for Android TV

Android Police reports, Google has now added a Music tab that has the YouTube Music logo on YouTube app and this is a server-side change.

YouTube Music
via Android Police

This new tab offers some of the features from YouTube Music as the “Music For You” section that has Your Mix, Your Likes, Discover Mix, Genre, Mood Stations, Playlists, Artist Stations, and Recommended Playlists.

The report also mentions that the music playback starts instantly when you highlight a mix so you do not have to press any button to start playing songs.

There are some major drawbacks as of now, you can’t play music in the background when you switch between the apps, the music stops. There is no option to shuffle/repeat or toggle audio/video. You do not get a playlist management option, no access to complete library, no access to uploaded music, and no time-synced lyrics.

This feature has got a wide rollout so you should be seeing YouTube Music in your Android TV and if not, we suggest that you install the latest version on the YouTube app on your TV. Also, it will be better if Google fixes all these issues overtime so that the app is actually useful.


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