Google Introduces Its AI Search Tool in India


  • Google introduces AI-powered “Search Generative Experience” for India and Japan, aiming to enhance search results with context-aware responses.
  • New AI tools for developers, like PaLM API and Vertex AI, accompany SGE’s launch, streamlining application development and deployment.
  • Google’s commitment to AI innovation is evident as SGE’s release in India reflects dedication to improving search relevance and user experience.
Google AI Search Tool for India
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Search Generative Experience (SGE), a brand-new AI search tool, was just made available by Google in India and Japan.


This tool’s goal is to improve search results by giving more thorough and insightful responses. SGE uses artificial intelligence to understand the context of a search query and provide more relevant results.

The results of a search for “how to make a cake,” for instance, could include ingredients, instructional videos, and step-by-step instructions, similar to Bard but with more relevant and in-depth search results.

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Google Search Labs

SGE is now available to users in India in English and Hindi, with plans to add support for more languages in the future.

Google announced a number of new AI-driven tools for developers in India in addition to SGE. These tools consist of:

  • PaLM API: Developers can use Google’s powerful language model using the PaLM API.
  • MakerSuite: A collection of instruments that makes it easier to develop and use AI models.
  • Vertex AI: A controlled platform created to accelerate the implementation of AI.

These tools were developed to make the process of creating and releasing applications with AI capabilities simpler.

Google’s commitment to AI represents a significant advancement in its continuous mission to improve its search engine.

It is interesting that AI has the ability to alter how we conduct information searches fundamentally, and Google is obviously committed to seizing the initiative in this area.


SGE’s launch in India marks a critical turning point for Google’s AI projects. For Indian users, this tool has the potential to improve the relevancy and usefulness of Google Search results.

Additionally, it demonstrates Google’s commitment to India, a market for internet searches that is fast growing.

How to Use Google Search Labs?

You must be logged into your Google account and have the Google app r installed in order to use Google Search Labs. then follow these steps:

  1. To start, open the Google app on your Android phone.
  2. Ensure you’re signed in to your Google Account without Incognito mode on.
  3. Then, tap the Labs icon at the top left or search Google Labs.
  4. Choose an experiment you’re curious about, and to learn more, tap its card.
  5. If you want to try it, turn it on. If there are Terms of Service, read and agree. Finally, click “Try an example” when applicable.

The launch of Google’s AI search tool in India marks a huge development that might completely change how people seek information. The tool, which is currently in its early stages, has the potential to change how we use Google Search.


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