GTA Vice City Cheat Codes for Android

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GTA Vice City is one of the best action games and here are some GTA Vice City cheat codes to enhance your gameplay experiencing and make the game more amusing. Grand Theft Auto or GTA Vice city is an almost 18-year-old game developed and published by Rockstar North in and Rockstar games respectively. It is one of the best action-adventure games till now, and it is the second 3D game of the GTA series. The game was released for smartphones in 2013 as its 10th-anniversary edition.


An enormous unrestricted environment with an honest storyline makes this game an honest time killer. The game would be more amusing with some GTA Vice City cheat codes. However, officially there is no direct method to use PC cheat codes in the Android devices, but we have tricks. So here in this article, we are going to discuss the method by using it you can use GTA Vice City cheat code in Android devices and take out the best from the game.

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How to Use the GTA Vice City Cheat Code for Android devices?

GTA Vice City cheat code

Before knowing cheat codes, let us know how you can implement or use them in the game. For entering GTA Vice City cheat codes while playing games on Android devices, you need to have a keyboard, if your android device does not have a keyboard then you can use the following method to use a keyboard while gameplay.

  • Buy a USB or Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Download a virtual keyboard from Google Play Store.

The second option is recommended because it is less expensive and you can found a keyboard easily from Play Store, just open Google Play Store then search for ‘game keyboard’, and those keyboards work fine for you. If you are facing difficulty in choosing a keyboard you can download the given keyboard too.

After installation, provide all the required permissions. Enable the permanent notification from the app’s settings. You can now launch the game, from the notification enable the keyboard and enter cheat code. That’s it.

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GTA Vice City Cheat Codes

Here are some GTA Vice City cheat codes. You can use them while playing the game, we have listed the codes with their desired effect. So, while playing you can take reference from here

GTA Vice City cheat code

GTA Vice City General Cheat Codes

Cheat CodesEffects
AspirineFull Health
preciousprotectionFull Armor
thugstoolsAll Weapons Set 1
professionaltoolsAll Weapons Set 2
nuttertoolsAll Weapons Set 3
icanttakeitanymoreKill own Character
youwonttakemealiveRaise Wanted Level
leavemealoneLower Wanted Level
greenlightAll Green Traffic Lights
chickswithgunsBikini Girls With Guns
fannymagnetFanny Magnet (female peds follow you)
onspeedFaster Gameplay
lifeispassingmebySpeed Up Time
booooooringSlow Down Time
fightfightfightPedestrians Riot
nobodylikesmePedestrians Hate You
ourgodgivenrighttobeararmsPedestrians Have Weapons
godpowerPedestrians Carry Rocket Launchers
chasestatDisplay Media Level Meter

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GTA Vice City Cheat Codes for Vehicle

Cheat Codes Effects
miamitrafficHeavy Traffic / Aggressive Drivers
bigbangBlow Up Cars
bangBlow Up Close Cars
ahairdresserscarPink Cars
iwantitpaintedblackBlack Cars
hopingirlPedestrians get in your ca
airshipFast Boats can Fly for a bit
seawaysCars drive on water
comeflywithmeDodo Cheat – Flying Cars
gripiseverythingIncreased Handling
gettherequicklyFast Engines 1
getthereveryfastindeedFast Engines 2
getthereamazinglyfastFast Engines 3
loadsoflittlethingsBigger Wheels for sports cars
wheelsareallineedOnly wheels visible on cars
rockandrollcarSpawn Bloodring Banger 1
travelinstyleSpawn Bloodring Banger 2
betterthanwalkingSpawn Caddie
iwillgettomarsvSpawn Hunter
rockandrollcarSpawn Limo
panzerSpawn Rhino (Tank)
thelastrideSpawn Romero’s Hearse
gettherefastSpawn Sabre Turbo
getthereveryfastindeedSpawn Hotring Racer 
getthereamazinglyfastSpawn Hotring Racer#2
rubbishcarSpawn Trashmaster

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GTA Vice City Cheat Codes for Weather

Cheat CodesEffects
apleasantdayGood Weather
alovelydayGreat Weather
cantseeathingFoggy Weather
catsanddogsStormy Weather
abitdriegSunny Weather
worldismadAll Weather at once!

These were some GTA Vice City cheat codes that can make your gameplay more engaging and interesting on GTA Vice City. You can find more cheat code from Supercheats.

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