Honor Announces Collaboration with PSAV Global for India’s Comeback.


  • Former Huawei brand, Honor, partners with PSAV Global to reenter India, with the distributor handling marketing and sales.
  • Honor aims for a successful comeback in India after exiting due to Huawei sanctions, backed by strong partnerships.
  • The Indian smartphone market braces for change as Honor’s quality products and competitive pricing return, led by a collaboration with PSAV Global.
Honor Collaboration with PSAV
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Former Huawei sub-brand Honor has announced a strategic partnership with PSAV Global to relaunch its activities in the Indian market.


According to the deal, PSAV Global will serve as Honor’s official distributor in India and be in charge of marketing, selling, and distributing Honor’s product line across the country.

After the US government imposed penalties on Huawei in 2020, Honor pulled out of the Indian market. Honor is prepared to reenter the Indian market now that it has established itself as a separate organization.

This project has advanced significantly because of the cooperation with PSAV Global, which gives Honor access to PSAV Global’s extensive distribution network and marketing know-how.

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Honor Tech Team
Honor Tech Team

In India, PSAV Global is a well-known technology distributor with a network of more than 5,000 stores and distributors. The company has worked with some of the top businesses in the tech sector and is famous for its expertise in marketing and sales.

This collaboration turns out to be profitable for both Honor and PSAV Global. Honor gains access to a sizable distribution network and priceless marketing know-how, and PSAV Global takes on a young and promising brand.

With the Honor 90 series—a portfolio well-received in other markets—already confirmed for launch, Honor is about to reveal its first smartphones in India.

There are important ramifications to Honor’s revival in the Indian market. The brand is known for its excellent quality and affordable prices, and its return is expected to change the market environment.


In addition to its active partnership with PSAV Global, Honor is working closely with other Indian companies to build a strong local supply chain.

Strategic alliances with leading smartphone producers like Foxconn and Flex are required for this. Honor exudes assurance in its potential to make a successful comeback to India.

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