How to Find Someone on Instagram?

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Social media platforms have been made in a way that people interact with each other and the best way to do it is with the help of chat features available on almost all the platforms nowadays.


One such platform is Instagram and we know that it is one of the favorites for teenagers because of the fact that they find like-minded people on it.

Now, it is worth noting that we might not know anyone who has an account on Instagram so it would be impossible to socialize if we only interacted with those we know.

Therefore, it is possible to find people on Instagram and there are a few ways to do it as well.

In this article, we are going to show you how to find someone on Instagram with the help of the methods we are sharing down below.

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How to Find Someone on Instagram

Instagram allows you to find someone on Instagram using many ways such as hashtags or following trends which you also like but that will match you with someone who has the same interest as you have.

For example, if you like #F1 and you follow that hashtag then you can connect with someone who you like and can follow them or send them a follow request if it is a private account.

On the other hand, Instagram lets you find someone on the platform that you know with the help of two methods: username and phone number.

If you know someone’s Instagram username or phone number and want to know if they are Instagram or not then you can do so.


For that, you need to follow the methods we have shared below.

Using Username

The first and the most obvious method to find someone on Instagram is by using their username on the platform and searching for it.

If you know someone’s Instagram username then you can type the same in the search box and then press Enter and you will get the results.

This method relies on knowing the username of the person you are trying to find so if you don’t know their Instagram ID then it will be hard for you to find that person with this method.

How to Find Someone on Instagram

Using Phone Number

The next method to find someone on Instagram is by using their phone number which means that you need to have them in your contacts because that is how you will get their phone number.

While this method is slightly more complex as not everyone will share their phone number with you, this is one of the most accurate methods to find someone on Instagram.

That’s because if you have someone’s phone number, you can find them even without knowing their Instagram username.

To find someone on Instagram using a phone number, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the Profile tab.
  • Click on the hamburger menu at the top right and select Discover People.
  • If asked, allow Instagram to access your contacts.
  • You will see that people under the “Suggested for you” tab will be the people who have their phone numbers associated with their Instagram IDs.
How to Find Someone on Instagram

In this way, you can find people who are added as your contacts but you have not connected to them on Instagram yet.


In this way, you can find someone on Instagram using their phone number or username. 

Note that for these methods to work, you need to know either the username or the phone number of the people you are trying to find on Instagram.

If you don’t have either of these details then you will not be able to find the account accurately and you will have to rely on Instagram’s search to type their name and get a list of accounts and see which one is the right one.


Share this method of finding someone on Instagram with your friends and family to make them aware of how you can find someone on Instagram.

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