How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously?

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When you have a crush, you want to stay around them or know them very well. Suppose that you are browsing Instagram to kick out boredom, and suddenly you notice that your crush posted an Instagram story!


You would be eager to engage with them by relating to their story or, more explicitly, sending texts to start a gala time conversation. 

Well, due to the fear of being caught, you won’t do so. However, if they have started an Instagram live, things become much more manageable.

So, how about expressing yourself anonymously over Instagram? Well, that’s a brilliant idea to know about their feelings and express ourselves without the fear of losing them. But are you confused about how to do so? 

If yes, then we have got you all covered with it. If you have explored Instagram features well, you might know that you cannot attend an IG live in an anonymous mode.

Whenever you attend an IG live, the other person (host) will be able to view your username and profile pic amongst their live viewers. 

Fortunately, there are some clever ways to tackle and watch Instagram Live anonymously. So keep on reading for a rescue to your issue!

Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously?

Anonymously means, you don’t want the other person to know to let them know your identity. But, your name pops in the list of viewers whenever you watch an IG live.

Therefore, you cannot hide your identity, and your name will be revealed to everything. However, you can follow any of the below-mentioned methods to watch Instagram live without letting them know.


Change your Username to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

Changing your username is the quickest, most simple, and easy hack to watch IG anonymously. Changing your username will cover your identity when watching anyone’s IG live video. 

How to Change your IG Username?

Follow the steps given below to change your IG username:

  • Navigate to your IG profile.
  • Click the Edit Profile button.
  • Remove your old username.
Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  • Input a new (an anonymous) username.
  • Tap on the Tick Mark located at the top rightmost corner of the screen to save changes.

Now you can watch anyone’s Instagram Live Without revealing your identity.

Create a New IG Account to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

If somehow you cannot change your existing username like it happens when you frequently change your Instagram username. If you recently changed your IG username within 60 days, you cannot change it once the tenure completes. 


Therefore, you can create a new account to watch IG live videos anonymously in such a situation. Once you do complete watching it, you can delete your new account. You will need a contact number and a spare email address to Crete a new IG account.

How to Create a New Instagram Account?

Follow the steps given below to create a new Instagram account: 

  • Go to your profile.
  • On the top right-hand side, see the three-lined icon and click it.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap the Add or Switch accounts option.
Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  • Now click Add Account.
  • You will be prompted to create a new account and follow it well.

Once you create a new account, follow the person whose live video you want to watch anonymously. Then switch to your old account when you see the creator starting the live video, switch back to your new account, and attend the live video.

Use Anyone Else’s IG Account to Watch IG Live

Your family, friends, siblings, or anyone else who uses IG frequently then uses their account for the purpose.


Use their login credentials, log in to their account, follow the person you want to, and you are all set to watch their Instagram Live Videos anonymously.

However, it would help if you made sure that the creator could see the username you use.

Watch Live Video After they Share it on IGTV Feed

Instagram gives an option to share live videos on the IGTV feed after it ends. Thus, it has a record of all your live videos. Most likely, all the users share it in their feed.

So, if the live video creator also shares it on their IGTV, you can watch it after it ends. Of course, you should not recall or comment as the creator would be notified of it. The IGTV Feed feature thus helps you to watch live videos anonymously.


Is there any app to watch IG live anonymously?

Yes, you can use the Anon IG Viewer to watch Instagram Live anonymously. It is a free-to-use application both for PC and Android. However, we do not recommend using such tools as third-party applications threaten users’ privacy.

The Final Word

There is no direct way to watch Instagram live anonymously, but you can use the aforementioned methods. However, these are effective but have certain exceptions with them.

Suppose you have recently changed your IG username, then you cannot change it again. In such a scenario, you may jump to create a new account.

The method is again effective but has a drawback associated with it. What if the other person has a private account and does not accept a request from the new account? 


Well, then you would use your friend/relative’s IG Account. But, if they do not follow the creator, they will again land in trouble. Besides, the creator will be notified of your friend/relative’s account.

Then you will think of watching it on the creator’s IGTV feed, but if they don’t share it in the feed, you have bad luck.

The methods mentioned above you can use to watch Instagram live anonymously. If you have any other suggestions, ideas, or hacks for the same, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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