To control the negativity and to fight against bullying on its platform, Instagram has introduced new features. With the help of these features people can now delete negative comments in bulk and also restrict or block multiple contacts at once.


This feature is more helpful for people who have a huge number of followers, they receive 1000s of comments on their post. This feature will make it easier for them to remove the hate in their feed with just a few taps.

Instagram Introduces New Feature that Clamps Down Hate Speech Comments

How to Enable Instagram’s New Feature?

For iOS

  • Tap on a comment you want to delete
  • Then, tap on the dotted icon which is at the top right corner
  • Select the Manage Comments option
  • Then select up to 25 comments that you want to delete simultaneously

Click on ‘More Options’ to block or restrict accounts.

For Android

Android users had this feature of deleting comments but now they can also block or restrict accounts by holding down a comment.

  • Select a comment
  • Tap on the dotted icon
  • Then, select block or restrict account.

Instagram has also given their users the liberty to control who mentions or tags them on interactions like comments or stories. Go to Settings, then choose whether you want to give permission to mention or tag you in a comment or caption, or on a story to everyone or only people you follow, or no one at all.

Instagram Introduces New Feature that Clamps Down Hate Speech Comments

Instagram will also be testing the pinning comments feature where people can pin their favourite comments so that they appear on top of the comment thread. This will help curb the negativity.

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