The new Instagram Co-Watching Feature to curb the effect of Social Distancing

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Keep distance with friends at a distance.


On 24th March 2020, Instagram introduced its new feature called ‘Co-Watching’ along with a lot of other upgrades to help people who are practicing quarantine and self-isolation due to the Covid-19 spread. This feature allows six users at the same time.

Instagram’s new Instagram Co-Watching Feature enables more social activity for its users since the world is going through a lockdown to fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Instagram Co-Watching Feature

This new feature enables users to co-watch posts(photos and videos on their feed but not IGTV posts) on their app while they are video chatting. A user can browse through their feed and share their liked or saved posts while chatting with their friend or a group of friends through group video chat.

Instagrams’s co-watching feature will thus help you in sharing your favorite posts with your friend circle while chatting with them, hence this will increase video calls over the app.

The users need to start a video chat in order to access the new Inst Co-Watching feature. From there on, they can view each other saved, liked, suggested photos and videos by tapping on the photo icon that is present on the bottom left corner of the chat. 

Instagram Co-Watching Feature
The new Co-Watching feature

Along with this feature, there were many upgrades that were made on the app so that it helps the users who are practicing quarantine and self-isolation in the wake of Covid-19 spread. These upgrades include:

  • Story Stickers that support and suggest social distancing along with techniques to wash hands.
  • Information related to Coronavirus shown in top results of the search bar. This also includes information that educates people about the virus that debunks fake information as much as possible.
  • Donation stickers have also been included to direct people to charities and other nonprofits that are in need of donations.

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