LG Reveals Minimalistic Design and Raindrop Camera

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When the squarish camera bump for smartphones is in trend, LG has something new for those who want something different. LG has revealed its new design which LG is calling as a Raindrop Camera. LG smartphones are not recognized as prominent looking smartphones. Even though, every year, LG tries to include some new innovative features, the overall look of LG smartphones is not so fascinating. However, this time LG has tried something new by launching a new minimalistic design to change the game.


LG ‘s Raindrop camera

Instead of square shape design at the back, LG will introduce the three rear cameras with LED flash in descending sizes at the back of the phone, the evoking image of it will look like falling raindrops that’s why it is gaining popularity as raindrop camera. This gratifying layout design will keep the phone sleeker, pleasurable and cleaner. Speaking about the development, the company head stated that they will not abandon the ”Classic LG design”.

LG’s 3D arc design

Another new feature will be a 3D Arch design at the display edges which will provide more natural feeling in consumer’s hands. This innovative design will keep the edges and angles less sharp which will not only look pleasing to the eyes but also pleasant to touch, though it is still unpredictable how that would be unique.


LG has described this design language as “a nod to the natural world with a visual form factor that differs from the industry trend.” LG VP Cha Yong-duk claimed that this will offer a competitive edge and will be the design of the upcoming new smartphones of LG.

It has been reported through the Korean news portal that LG will launch its smartphone on May 15, with a new design to recreate the accomplishment of chocolate.

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