Microsoft Surface Duo: Leaks Revealed Specs of Foldable Dual-Screen Device

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After the announcement of Microsoft Surface Duo in October, there is quiet silence from Microsoft regarding its foldable dual-screen device. But now it seems like we don’t need to wait for the foldable dual-screen device from Microsoft, as a leak suggests from Windows Central. According to the leaked news regarding Microsoft’s new foldable Surface Duo tells us its specifications and most of the configuration but not complete information about Microsoft Surface Duo.


At its event, Microsoft announced that the device will be launched in the market till the summer of this year, but with the news and all other rumors it seems like Microsoft has completed all the preparation, and now it will launch its new dual-screen foldable device as soon as possible.

At the event, Microsoft doesn’t reveal much about the device and previously we were told that the device will have a dual-screen joint through the hinges rather than the flexible screen as in Samsung Galaxy Fold, also the device is rotatable to 360 degrees, both the screen is of 5.6 inches with 1800×1350 pixel resolution on each screen.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Microsoft’s First Foldable Dual-Screen Device

According to the leaked news from the Windows central, the foldable dual-screen device from Microsoft do not possess that much exciting features and functioning, and as this will be a premium smartphone but its specifications are normal. Let’s have a look to the complete leaked specifications of the device

Microsoft Surface Duo

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  • Operating System: The new foldable dual-screen device from Microsoft will work on Android 10 and can be updated to Android 11 very quickly as soon as it will be available.
  • Display: The device is said to have two AMOLED display each of 5.6 inches with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and a pixel resolution of 1800×1350 (401 pixels per inch).
  • Processor: Microsoft’s new device will work on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 it means it does not have any slot for the 5G chip. If the Surface Duo has the Snapdragon 865 it means the company needs to redesign the complete hardware, because according to the leaks, Microsoft’s Surface Duo’s designing was finalized before the announcement of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. It is sad news because the premium device from Microsoft will not support 5G, which is the most in-demand and highly popular feature globally.
  • RAM: The new device will have 6GB of memory.
  • Storage: Surface Duo will possess two variants one of 64 GB of storage and another of 256GB of storage. And the storage is not expandable in both the variants
  • Camera: Surface Duo will have a single 11 MP camera that can be used as both front-facing selfie shooter and as the primary rear camera.
  • Security: For the security, Surface Duo is integrated with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Battery: The two screened foldable devices will be powered by a 3460 mAH battery. According to Microsoft, the battery will last up to 24 hours on a single charge, whereas the battery is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is supported by a 4000 mAH battery and last up to 10 hours hardly. All this will be clear after the use of the device and how much it will work on standard use.
  • Ports: The foldable device will have a single USB-C port for charging, and it doesn’t seem like it will use wireless charging or NFC.

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Leaks also specify that Surface duo is in take-home status at Microsoft internally, which means employees outside from the Surface hardware section can request for the testing of the device and can use Surface Duo the new foldable dual-screen phone in the reality. Now, with this news, it is expected that Microsoft will launch its amazing premium device as early as possible.

Wrapping Up

It is expected that the foldable dual-screen device from Microsoft will have astonishing features as we don’t have complete news regarding the device so till the launch or till further news we can expect something amazing and incredible from Microsoft. In this article we addressed it as a foldable dual-screen “device” not “phone” because according to Microsoft it is not just a phone, it is a double screened premium device from Microsoft.

After all the leaks and preparation from the Microsoft it seems like, launch of the premium device isn’t far away, Microsoft has announced that they will launch their Surface Duo in vacations of summer, but I hope the launching dates will be before the vacations. I just can’t wait for the launch of premium foldable dual-screen Microsoft’s Surface Duo.


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