A Surprising Surface Screen Has Been Revealed, Check Now

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Surface Duo and Surface Neo screened by Microsoft dual have already set the standard very high with their amazing features like dual-screen, new software and many other factors. However, the new design on which Microsoft is working for its foldable devices with Surface Screen will surprise you all.


Surface Screen

Surface Screen

The design was revealed by a published patent, titled ”Device Having A Screen Region on A Hinge Coupled Between Other Screen Regions”. It has resolved the current issue which all the foldable smartphone users face i.e. how to get the information when the phone is in the closed state. The single-screen smartphones can show you the notifications but this is not the case when you sandwich the main screen.

Huawei’s Mate X also did the same by folding the main screen outside the device with the help of which you can see the alerts. However, for surface Duo and Surface Neo which have dual screens, the hinge will be rotated via 360 degrees. The folded mode will be ”screen in” for protection and the alerts would be addressed in that.

The users do not see Duo and Neo as smartphones, so the need for notifications is not that important, but it is still important to know about them. the current design of Duo does not show any third screen. However, this would not be shown in first iterations, after having a look at the complexities of integration in hardware and software with the launch of Window Q4, 2020. It is also not guaranteed that technological advancements in a patent will be shown in a customer product.

Microsoft will continue to invent new use case in hardware and creations. there are chances that this solution will extend to other devices as well apart from Duo and Neo. Laptop designs are been showed up with secondary screens and there are chances that other surface devices might also adopt this innovative solution.

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