A recent job post from Microsoft clearly hints that it is working on new reform for Windows 10. The Job post hints that Microsoft is working on UI changes for Windows 10. Upon the successful implementation of these changes, Windows will let users interactively use their devices.


The New Windows 10X

If the reports are to be believed, All this new innovation could be part of the Windows 10X, specifically designed for new form-factors. This will allow users to run one app on both screens. On a side note, Microsoft is also working to integrate Win32 Apps in Windows 10.

Windows 10x
Windows 10X

According to the job post, Microsoft’s Natural User Interface(NUI) is working on new innovations on Windows 10, that will allow users to work from “non-traditional postures”. Like, working on your device that is kept far from you while laying on the bed.

Microsoft noted, “The Natural User Interfaces(NUI) team is looking to hire talented engineers to build new and improved ways to make it easy for users to be productive when interacting with Devices in non-traditional postures (ex: using tablets and foldable away from a desk). Using a wide range of natural input modalities: Pen, Typing on a digital keyboard, voice and multi-modal use cases”.

Microsoft is exploring voice and multi-modal use cases and is also working on Start Menu, File Explorer, and other improvements on Windows 10.

Windows 10X has a completely new interface, different from the one we are used to seeing. Its start menu is more like a mobile launcher app and can do good in mobile space which Windows 8 failed to do.

Upon the successful launch of Windows 10X, it is rumored to come on laptops and ultrabooks.

On good implementations of all the innovations that Microsoft is searching for, the new Windows would be really cool to work on.

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