Name for OnePlus TWS Earphones Revealed via Android 11 Beta Code

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OnePlus is planning to launch a new set of true wireless earphones and there have been many reports revolving around the same. To our good, we now might have the name for OnePlus TWS earphones which is apparently revealed via the Android 11 beta code.

OnePlus TWS Earphones

Name for OnePlus TWS Earphones Revealed

This is found out by XDA Developers and the name for OnePlus TWS earphones is likely to be “OnePlus Pods”. This is discovered by senior XDA Developers member Some_Random_Username. The member found it out in the Settings APK of the newly released beta update of Android 11 for OnePlus 8.

From the earlier developments, we were certain that the new OnePlus TWS earphones will be called the OnePlus Buds but with this new discovery, that is not likely to be the case and the name for OnePlus TWS earphones will be OnePlus Pods.

OnePlus Pods will be the first TWS earphones by the company and are likely to be launched with the new affordable OnePlus Z in July.

The following line of code was seen in the Android 11 beta for OnePlus 8:

 “<string name=”oneplus_tws_pods_function”>Headset function</string>”

As of now the details for the OnePlus Pods is very less, but they are likely to be similar to Apple AirPods in term of looks, with a long stem. The case will be like that of the latest Google Pixel Buds. We can also expect some fast charging with the device. The launch will be interesting to see.


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