Play Store is Offering 30 Kids Books for Free!

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Now that everybody is staying at home it is difficult for parents to handle their children all day long. Play Store has come up with an amazing way to calm the children down. They are currently offering a variety of 30 books for different ranges of kids’ age group.

kids books on the play store

This list posted on /u/nvllz from Reddit’s r/googleplaydeals. These books are almost all US- and Canada-only deals, except for one: Children’s Classic Stories: Volume 1, which is regularly $1.99. Everything book on the list is free, and their original prices are listed next to the titles.

Google Play Store is offering 30 kids’ books for free. Here is the list:

Ages 5 and under

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-12

These titles are only free in the US and Canada. If you belong to any other region then these books might be discounted. It is unclear how many days this will be given away. So, it’s better if you pick up a few books now before they run away.

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