Realme UI Announced, Rolling out by Q1 2020

realme ui announced
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Realme ‘borrows’ Oppo’s ColorOS and since a year it is known that Realme has been developing their own UI skin which is essentially the ColorOS 7 with unique design and features for Realme smartphones.


Realme UI Announced

realme ui announced

And so the much-awaited and speculated Realme UI was officially announced today.

It promises to give near Android stock experience. It is based on Android 10 and ColorOS 7 but further simplified and coupled with its own unique features.

“Seamless Fun”, “an authentic colour scheme, that delivers a sense of vitality” and “users feel younger” is what Realme has to say about its UI. The interface is highly customisable, right to the size of the icons, system colours and wallpapers.

The icons can be made rounder and the transparency of the same can be adjusted, personalising your interface to a new level.

Along with the looks comes the performance, which is claimed to be improved and also have new features such as the focus mode and the ever favourite power-saving feature.

But the feature that is worth all the praise is its commitment to privacy and security of personal information. You won’t be forced to allow apps access to your location or even your name, as this UI provides blank pages of information which isn’t even disruptive to the user’s interaction with the app.

The rollout of the UI is on schedule as it was announced in late 2019 by Realme. We can expect that all the upcoming Realme phones would be having the new Realme UI and Android 10, right out of the box.

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