Realme UI Update Tracker – December 2020

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It’s like more than six months, Realme announced its custom colorOS base UI, names as Realme UI. In this article, we have discussed the methods, why, and the Realme UI Update Tracker for all the Realme devices.


When a company pushes the update, they roll out the update in several batches due to a large number of users. This Realme UI Update Tracker is helpful when Realme has already released the update, but your device didn’t get it on time.

Realme UI Update Tracker

Realme UI Update Tracker

Realme UI Features

Customizable Icon Style: First within the list of Realme UI features is Customizable Icon Style which, as evident from its name, allows users and choice to customize icons. Users can adjust, shape, size, and transparency of icons in Realme smartphones consistent with their liking. This feature also offers an option for users to line a customized image for an icon.

Animated Wallpapers: UI revamp is incomplete without adding wallpaper related features. Realme has added 11 new backgrounds for the house screen, including animated wallpapers. consistent with Realme, the wallpapers added in Realme UI is inspired by natural elements and users can choose between a spread of color options for an equivalent.

Dual Earphone Connection: We found this to be one among the simplest features of Realme UI. With the new Dual Earphone Connection feature, you’ll connect Bluetooth and wired earphones at an equivalent time. within the description of the feature, Realme says that there are two supported scenarios. First, Bluetooth and wired earphones can receive an equivalent audio. Second, the wired earphones are often wont to receive media audio and Bluetooth earphones for phone audio or to receive calls.

Smart Sidebar: Consider the Smart Sidebar feature of Realme UI almost like the sting Panels feature of Samsung S series and Note series smartphones. Users can add frequently used apps and utility tools just like the screenshot button. This feature intends to reinforce the productivity and simple usage.

Private Information Protection: With privacy becoming the talk about the town, Realme has shown its focus towards it by adding the Private Information Protection feature. It returns empty information pages to apps requesting access to your personal data like messages, call history, and contacts. This Realme UI feature will prevent leakage of undesired information to apps.

Screen-off Display and Dark Mode: Dark mode has become pretty common lately. Following the trend, Realme has also introduced a dark mode in its new UI. you’ll schedule the dark mode too. Additionally, a replacement feature dubbed Screen-off has also been added which is, basically, the Always-on-display feature that’s found is several smartphones lately. Using the Screen-off display feature of Realme UI, you’ll check notifications on your smartphone without awakening the screen.

Focus Mode: Realme UI also comes with attention Mode feature which allows users to relax during a distraction-free environment. When Focus Mode is enabled, the system also plays soothing music within the background for users to relax.


Why Should You Update?

With every software update comes change(s) that will improve the performance of your product by fixing minor issues that have been found and deemed possibly penetrable by threats. Hackers thrive off their ability to enter any system weaknesses to take advantage of the data and information they can receive from it.

  • Improvements in performance and stability.
  • Resolve the potential problems by fixing bugs and errors.
  • OS upgrade and new features experience.


Here are a few things that are needed to take care while updating your Realme or any device:

  • Your device must be connected to the internet.
  • Make sure you have enough space to download the update.
  • The device should have enough charge, more than 50% to install the update.
Realme UI Update Tracker

Realme UI Updates

Realme Devices

Device NameVersionRelease Date Download Link
Realme 7iRMX2103PU_11.A.3112/11/2020Click Here
Realme 7 ProRMX2170PU_11.A.194/11/2020Click Here
Realme 7RMX2151PU_11.A.6511/11/2020Click Here
Realme 6iRMX2001_11.B.4910/11/2020Click Here
Realme 6 ProRMX2061_11.A.3918/11/2020Click Here
Realme 6RMX2001_11.B.4910/11/2020Click Here
Realme 5 ProRMX1971EX_11.C.0818/11/2020Click Here
Realme 5RMX1911EX_11.C.5501/09/2020Click Here
Device NameVersionRelease DateDownload Link
Realme X3RMX2081PU_11.A.4509/11/2020Click Here
Realme X3 SuperZoomRMX2081PU_11.A.4509/11/2020Click Here
Realme X50 ProRMX2076PU_11.A.4101/12/2020Click Here
Realme X2 ProRMX1931EX_11.C.3303/11/2020Click Here
Realme X2RMX1992EX_11.C.1321/10/2020Click Here
Realme XTRMX1921EX_11.C.0818/11/2020Click Here
Realme XRMX1901EX_11.C.0714/11/2020Click Here
Device NameVersionRelease DateDownload Link
Realme C15RMX2185_11_A.7910/11/2020Click Here
Realme C12RMX2185_11_A.7910/11/2020Click Here
Realme C11RMX2185_11_A.7910/11/2020Click Here
Realme C3RMX2020_11.A.4313/09/2020Click Here
Realme C2RMX1941EX_11.A.3020/11/2020Click Here
Realme C1RMX1805EX_11.A.7018/09/2020Click Here

Narzo Devices

Device NameVersionRelease DateDownload Link
Narzo 20 ProRMX2151PU_11.A.6511/11/2020Click Here
Narzo 20
Narzo 20ARMX2050EX_11_A.179/11/2020Click Here
Narzo 10RMX2040_11.A.2715/8/2020Click Here
Narzo 10ARMX2020_11.A.4313/09/2020Click Here

Steps to Update Using the Firmware

Realme allows two different ways to update to latest firmware, follow the below steps carefully to do so:

Make sure you take an backup of all the important data before performing anything.


Simple Mode

  • Copy the firmware you downloaded to the phone storage,
  • go to the File Manager and find the firmware,
  • then click the firmware, Update Now,
  • and wait for the update to succeed.

Recovery Mode

  • Copy the firmware you downloaded to the phone storage or SD Card.
  • Then power off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons, until your phone enters Recovery Mode.
  • Choose the language you want.
  • Install from the storage device.
  • And find the firmware From phone storage or From the SD card.
  • Click on the firmware and confirm to update

Please do not perform other operations until your phone is updated successfully.


Well, that was it. We hope that the Realme UI Update Tracker helped you in some ways. This Realme UI Update Tracker is helpful when Realme has already released the update, but your device didn’t get it on time.

If you have any doubts and querries regarding the Realme UI Update Tracker, then comment section is for you.

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