Top 9 Photoshop Camera Lenses You Should Try Right Now

Photoshop Camera
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Recently, Adobe launched a new camera app for Android and iOS, the app has plenty of impressive features and the most speculating one is photoshop camera lenses. Adobe added various camera lenses in its Photoshop mobile app, and here in this article, we will discuss best among all of them.


Photoshop camera app is completely different from Photoshop we know, instead, it is a creative application that offers some stylish and automated effects, automated tools, and different Photoshop camera lenses (Adobe’s name for its filters) that can alter your ordinary image into an amazing and startling one.

So let’s get started with some best Photoshop camera lenses that can amaze you with their performance.

Top 9 Photoshop Camera Lenses

Try out these best Photoshop camera lenses, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, so download it from here

 Photoshop camera lens


Celestial is an astounding Photoshop camera lens available with the Photoshop Camera app. Imagine a reverie photo with a heavenly, starry night. This Photoshop camera lens adds the magic of the stars and other ethereal bodies. Each of filter variation provides a different spirit and cosmic result, ranging from surreal stars to foreboding shrouds.

Celestial is just thrilling, and eye-captivating Photoshop camera lens, if you are also a die heart lover of the night sky with a lot of stars, so this Photoshop camera lens is for you, try it out and create your own empyrean nights.

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Spectrum is another sensational Photoshop camera lens, and after using it you will be amazed by its performance. This lens disperses your photo into various individual color channels to design a creative flair. The lens is designed and developed by Lightfarmbr, and it works best with portraits.

With this Photoshop camera lens, you can create separate images with the vibrant color combination.


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This is another Photoshop camera lens offered by Adobe, you can combine two or more images in such a realistic manner that it will create a single scenic view, this camera lens is something that everyone desire to formulate with their mediocre images.

You can create your own amusing photos using Reverie camera lens (filter)


The scenery lens is something like an enhancement tool, which just adds an enhancing tone and that small change will completely change the mood of the image. Either you strive to make your photo look like a movie shot, or a vintage photo, or just a beautiful moment in time. As it is designed for Scenery it can work for any shot.


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Dappled light will drop some soothing shadows into your portraits, to make them more attractive. The Dappled Photoshop camera lens illustrates the beauty of nature through lights and shadows. The shadows with this rich filter will craft an aristocratic look into your snaps. This lens will provide a finishing touch to your portrait images.


The Cosmos is another level of Photoshop camera lens, with this lens you can imagine and illustrate your highest imagination. Dive into skies, travel through space ranging from starfish to the alien planets. This lens will help you to transform any forlorn or sterile landscape photo with a sky to an enthralling interstellar output.

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With this striking and spectacular Photoshop camera lens, you can transform your background into strong graphics. This lens is able to identify your profile and disengage you from the environment by using various colors and adding some geometrical details. This lens is used to implant a graphic design look and feels to your photos You can use this filter with your portraitures, friends, or with any other snap.

Color Echo

Color echo combines two time-delayed images from the camera, and then layers are combined with each other, using a color blending technique that fuses different color channels. You will get to choose the style from a variety of pulsating color variations. It works nicely when there are different objects.

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Mixed Media

The Mixed media lens is designed to give a classical painting look to the image, and this lens is designed with the motive of the traditional painting technique. You can convert your photo into an art piece with just one click. This lens can be used with any scene. It adds an artistic touch into your regular image and modifies it into a masterpiece.


So these were some best Photoshop camera lenses, try your own and add a fascinating, and flourishing touch into your ordinary images. If you experience any issue while using Photoshop camera lenses or the app, so you can write at Adobe Help to file a bug. If you have some more suggestions so please let us know in the comment section.

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