Some Popular camera apps are flagged harmful by Google, you should uninstall them instantly. Google has marked 30 camera apps as inappropriate and removed them from Android’s app market, Google Play Store. This will prevent new users from installing these evasive apps. And Users who already installed some popular camera apps should check the list if they have installed any app mentioned in this list should uninstall it.


According to the WhiteOps, “The White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team recently identified and tracked a fraud operation that rendered fraudulent advertising in users’ devices. These apps amassed more than 20 million downloads.

What these apps all have in common—besides their fraudulent tactics—is their focus on beauty. Most purport to be selfie apps that add beauty filters to users’ pictures, while at the same time showing ads out of context and making it nearly impossible to remove the apps themselves.

Some security researchers have issued a warning for the Android app users and marked some camera apps harmful for the device. Recently, 30 popular camera apps are flagged harmful by Google, and consequently, Google removed these apps from the Android’s App store i.e. Google Play Store. These apps are supposed to be had such software that can bombard users with undesired adverts and impertinent browser redirects, which can route Android users to a website even without clicking a link.

These Popular Camera Apps are Flagged Harmful by Google

The camera apps are flagged harmful are developed by a team called WhiteOps, which is supposed to be a criminal group behind this threat. Starting in Jan 2019, this cyber scoundrel first insight their harmful intention in the widely popular and mostly used selfie-beauty camera market.

camera apps are flagged harmful

During their earlier period of launch, most of the apps are removed by Google’s protection service due to their malicious behavior. According to WhiteOps most of the applications lasted only 17 days after launch. Still, in just 17 days, the app got more than 500,000 downloads.

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Now a threat confirmed that some new applications are hiding malicious codes, and it is quite possible that somehow they were able to bypass Google’s Protection. And for now, Google has removed a total of 38 camera applications from the play store but during their short life in the online store, they gain more than 20 million downloads.


List of the Malicious Camera Apps That are Flagged Harmful

Check the following list and ensure that your phone doesn’t have any of the listed apps if it is there so uninstall it instantly:

App NameDownloads
 Solu Camera 500,000
Yoroko Camera100,000
Lite Beauty Camera1 million
Beauty Collage Lite500,000
Beauty & Filters Camera1 million 
Photo Collage & Beauty Camera100,0000
Beauty Camera Selfie Filter10,000 
Gaty Beauty Camera 500,000 
Pand Selfie Beauty Camera 50,000
Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera1 million 
Benbu Selfie Beauty Camera 1 million
Pint Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 1 million
Mood Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera500,000
Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 100,000
Fog Selfie Beauty Camera100,000 
First Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 5000,000
Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera 100,000
Sun Pro Beauty Camera1 million
Funny Sweet Beauty Camera500,000 
Little Bee Beauty Camera1 million
Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro1 million
Grass Beauty Camera1 million
Ele Beauty Camera1 million
Best Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Orange Camera500,000

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Find the complete list of apps and essential information regarding these camera apps are flagged harmful by Google.

So, these were the camera apps comprising malicious software and you should remove them from your smartphones instantly. Google always improve its security and privacy for the Android lovers, but it’s our responsibility too, to take precautions before downloading any third-party software.


How to check about an app?

If you want to check about an Android app available at Play store, so you should check the following things before downloading any app:

  • Check the developer, if it is an authorized and trustworthy developer so you can proceed to download and app.
  • Before downloading the app, you must check the reviews of the application, if it has reviews according to your preference then only proceed further.

So here’s the list of some popular camera apps that are flagged harmful by Google because they are comprising advert malicious code within them, so I am again repeating if any of the above-listed apps are installed in your device, so delete it right now.

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