Find Facebook Profile using Reverse Image Search (Facebook Image Search)

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Facebook has been one of the most successful social media platforms ever since it has come into existence. We already know that billions of people use the platform each month and the number has kept on growing every year.


However, we have just seen reports that Facebook’s growth has declined for the first time last month in its history.

Having said that, we still know that the social media site is massive and people are not going to stop using it overnight.

A lot of users use Facebook for different reasons as we know that use cases include looking for jobs, chatting with friends, buying/selling on its marketplace, or just looking for cat/food videos.

But did you know that you can also use the Reverse Image Search Facebook feature to find Profiles by Facebook Image Search?

Well, if you didn’t know about it then the good news is that now you know. Also, the best part is that we will tell you how to use in this article down below:

How does Reverse Image Search Facebook feature work?

Facebook Image Search is a technique where you can upload a photo of a profile you want to find and Facebook will search its database to match the photo with a profile picture to see if it matches or not.

If the image matches with a Facebook profile then the relevant profile will be displayed and this is how you can find a profile using the reverse image search Facebook method.

However, there are a few things you need to know about Facebook Image Search before uploading a photo and looking for profiles.


For that reason, Facebook Image Search is much different from Google Image Search because Google indexes images on its search engine based on alt text.

On the other hand, Facebook indexes images based on the following criteria:

  • It checks for privacy settings of Facebook users
  • It displays only public pictures.
  • It crawls photos based on Profile ID.

How to Find a Facebook Profile with an Image?

There are different methods with which you can find a Facebook profile using images and we will show you the methods in this article:

1. Using Photo ID

While this can be termed as a difficult method to use Facebook Image Search to find a profile, it is one of the best methods as well.


In this method, we can identify the identity of an image if a photo is taken from a Facebook profile in the following manner:

  • Look at the filename of the picture in your address bar.
  • The picture will have a numeric file name as you can see in the image below.
Facebook Image Search
Facebook Photo ID
  • Look for the middle part of the number as marked in the image. All the numbers will be separated by an underscore.
  • This is the photo ID of a Facebook user.
  • Type this URL: and add the photo ID which we found out in the above step after the fbid= field.
Facebook Image Search
Facebook Profile found
  • Press Enter and the Facebook Profile of the user that uploaded the particular photo will be displayed.

It is possible that the profile might not be displayed if the Facebook profile is private so we have other methods to do Facebook Image Search down below.

Another method to identify facebook profiles based on an image is by using the reverse image search feature. While this feature is not available on Facebook, we can use the various different search engines that we have to find out the profile we are looking for.

Reverse Image Search also has some limitations which are that you can only find accounts that are public, images that are indexed by search engines, and if the account is somewhat popular in some rare cases.


To do a reverse image search, we will first use the most popular search engine which is Google.

On Google, you can do reverse image search as follows:

Facebook Image Search
Google Image Search
  • Click on the Icon, Upload your Image and hit Enter to search for the image.
  • Use the operator “” to only see images that are matching with Facebook profiles.

We can also use Bing which is the search engine built by Microsoft and one that is gaining popularity in recent times.

On Bing, you can do a reverse image search by visiting this link and uploading a photo that you have. Bing will then try to provide you with all the relevant information about the image as well as if it is able to find a Facebook profile that matches with the image.

Facebook Image Search
Bing Reverse Image Search-Facebook Image Search

The advantage with Bing is that you will be able to perform a reverse image search based on a photo that you have downloaded, by pasting a link to a photo, or even by clicking a photo and uploading it on the search engine.

SearchIsBack is a platform that lets you find people by city, relationship status, school, first name, last name, etc. You can even search for photos, events, posts, and other related queries with the help of this platform.

You will not have to use the Facebook Photo ID or reverse image search on search engines to find the related Facebook profiles.

With limited resources, it is easy to find people from Facebook with this platform.



In this article, we have told you about the various ways in which you can perform a reverse image search for a Facebook profile by using an image that you already have.

The first method in this article relies upon a photo that you have downloaded from Facebook to find out its photo ID and then find the relevant Facebook profile from the image.

While this method is difficult, it is the best way to get exactly what you want.

The other method is to do a reverse image search using Google or Bing to upload the image and find if any Facebook profile matches that image.


The third method is based on a tool named SearchIsBack which lets you find Facebook profiles based on similar interests.

We hope that you found the Facebook profile you were looking for based on any of the methods included in this article.

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