How to Reverse Video Search on Google

Reverse Video Search
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Even the idea of how to reverse video search on Google seems quite futuristic and weird, right? Well, all thanks to modern-day computers and their processing power. With advanced algorithms, you can reverse video search on Google. 


In this article, I am going to show you how to reverse video search on Google using some simple steps and methods. 

The Idea Behind Reverse Video Search 

Sometimes you see a funny clip and want to find the source where it came from. Or some videos are just pure meme templates, and you want the source video to see the original clip. This could be possible by reverse video search. 

With an image or a small clip, you can perform a search to find out the original video. Now there may not be many great uses for this right now but this technology is definitely very advanced and can come in handy. 

You can reverse video search to find out whether the video was stolen or not. Additionally, you can also find the original video source and gain some more info on the topic. 

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When Should You Reverse Video Search?

There are several valid situations where one tends to reverse search a video on Google. Let’s take a few examples and explain them,

Situation 1: In-depth Search of any Video

In this scenario, let us suppose that you have a small clip from a video, now you want to know more about the whole video, or you need to re-edit the video, so you are gonna need the original video, so by reverse video search you can find the original piece of content.


Situation 2: Finding Copyright Owner

There is a viral video on the internet, and you are excited to know the original copyright owner of the content so that you can reuse the content in your own project with the owner’s permission, then in this context, reverse video search will help you find out the owner of the video.

There could be other reasons too for doing the Reverse Video Search,

  • Referencing: If you want to cite the reference in your own project.
  • Remixing: Want to edit the video with your own taste.
  • Rebroadcasting: You wish to post the same content on your own platform.

How to Reverse Video Search on Google

You can perform reverse video searches using Google Search Engine. The Process is quite simple. For example, I am going to take a screenshot from a YouTube Video and perform a reverse video search. You can follow the same steps with any image you have.


Preparing for Reverse Video Search

Step 1: Take a screenshot from the video you want to perform a reverse video search. 

Ideally, this screenshot should be of high quality so that the search engine can analyze it better.

Step 2: For Windows, you can use the Print Screen Key to take screenshots then crop out the video frame. 

On a Mac, you can take a screenshot by pressing the ‘SHIFT+Command+4+Space bar’ keys. 


Step 3: Save the image in JPEG or PNG format. 

Performing the Search 

Step 1: Open Google Images. Or you will find the ‘Images’ button on the top-right corner of Google’s homepage. 

Reverse Video Search

Step 2: Now click on the Camera icon that reads “Search by image”. 

How to Reverse Video Search on Google 1

Step 3: Now you have two options, you can either paste the URL of the image. Or you can upload the image as well. 

Reverse Video Search

Step 4: In my case, I had the image so I uploaded it. 

Reverse Video Search

Step 5: Once you upload the image, Google will automatically search for the best relevant results. 

Reverse Video Search

In my case, I found that the image was a meme template related to The Office series. 

It is not the most advanced search but yes, it will do the job for the famous meme templates and images. 


Best Platforms for Reverse Video Seach Online

Now the Google Reverse Video Search feature is not one of the best. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. However, there are some other reliable tools that you can use for reverse video searching online. 


Berfiy is one of the best sites to find any stolen images and videos that could have been copyrighted and uploaded online.

Just so you know, it is not as fast as Google but it does a pretty good job at finding the most relevant results. The free version lets you scan and search up to 6000 images. It uses search results from Google, Bing, etc to find the best results. 

Reverse Video Search


Shutterstock is the home ground for all kinds of stock images. Its library contains over 1 billion images and videos and having contributions from more than a million users. No doubt this site will help you to find similar photos or videos that match your image. 

Reverse Video Search


TinEye is another great tool to do reverse video searching online. It uses computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning to find the most relevant results matching your image. That is one of the reasons why it is used by a lot of companies globally. 

Reverse Video Search

Conclusion – Reverse Video Search

So that was all about how to perform a reverse video search on Google. The search results might not always be accurate but they will give you a good idea about the image.

Additionally, you can also use the alternatives from the list to conduct your search and find the best results. 

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