Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook?

Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook?
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Facebook doesn’t like to have too many friend requests at once. Attempting to expand your network too quickly may prevent you from adding more network Facebook friends. Maybe it happened to you that you cannot be friends with anyone on Facebook? 

Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook?

On Facebook, innocent mistakes and ignorance of the essence of Facebook etiquette can lead to such consequences. But with our tips on how to manage Facebook friend requests, you can avoid inadvertently facing penalties or lift existing blocks and make many new friends. Let us know why this happens.

Why doesn’t it allow me to add someone on Facebook?

Facebook users can restrict who can see the public, friends, acquaintances, or Custom Audiences on their profile and timeline and who can send or follow friend requests.

Therefore, not every Facebook profile has an option to add, follow or message friends. Nowadays, people prefer to hide personal information in the profile section. Some of us do not show our friends and pictures to everyone, and only friends see mutual friends.

They choose a restricted audience that can see and react to content posted on their timeline.

You may also have seen some profile pages that say, “A certain name has locked his/her profile.” This means they only share photos and posts with friends.

So sometimes, the privacy options offered for convenience can confuse some novices.

Why can’t we sometimes add someone as a friend on Facebook?

Under Facebook Settings > Privacy, there are several options for how people find you and contact you. As such, users can change their privacy settings and disable the friend request option so that others can only follow them.

Other necessary settings are changing under Privacy that can find you using your email address and phone number.


Similarly, you can get settings related to how you receive message requests. So adjust them to protect your Privacy on Messenger.

Once set up, other people cannot view restricted content and confidential information. Others can only view publicly shared personal information, photos, or other media.

Sometimes you can’t add someone as a friend on Facebook, so what does it mean?

Sometimes, we cannot add any of our friends on Facebook. Let’s know the reason why you cannot add anyone on Facebook-

  • A Facebook user may have changed their privacy settings and selected only “Friends of Friends” to send friend requests on Facebook.
  • Or the user has deactivated the account for a social media break.
  • The user has blocked you for some reason.
  • And it may also happen that you have blocked this user.
  • Or Facebook has blocked the user.
  • Your friend request is pending. 
  • The user may have declined your request multiple times.
  • This is a Facebook error similar to “Content is currently unavailable.”

How do we know if someone declined our friend request on Facebook?

  • Facebook users can accept or decline friend requests.
  • First, click on the “Add Friend” button, then you will see the “Cancel Request” button.
  • If the user accepts your friend request, the “Cancel Request” button will change to “Friends.”

What if a user declines your friend request? 

  • You’ll see an “Add Friend” button instead of a “Friends” or “Cancel Request” button.
  • Here’s how to find out if someone declined your friend request on Facebook.
  • The Add Friend button may disappear for you after multiple friend requests have been sent and rejected.

How do we remove the “Add Friend” button on Facebook?

From time to time, we may find strange profiles on Facebook. This can be unclear for new users, and they may think who blocked them unfairly.


These Facebook profiles might look something like this.

If you want to hide the add friend button, the friend request option here is how to do it.

  • Go to your Facebook.
  • Click on the bottom triangular icon on the top bar.
  • Click on the Settings & Privacy option.
  • After that, click on the Settings option. 
  • Now, click on the Privacy option (on the left sidebar).
  • The third section under Privacy Settings and Tools is ‘How do people find and contact you.
  • The first setting lets you control who can send you friend requests. From the drop-down list, you can edit and select the “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends” option.

When you set up Friends of Friends, no one can add you as a friend if you don’t share any mutual friends.

You’ve enabled this option, so you may be asking yourself, ‘Why can’t I send a friend request to someone on Facebook?


Why can’t I hide the message button?

Facebook message request, However, you can choose who can send you friend requests. However, you cannot disable the “Messages” option on your profile, as this option can help other people contact you in an emergency.

When someone who isn’t on your friend’s list sends you a message, their message will appear in the Message Requests section. You can chat with him, and you can also choose to block him and delete his request.

The chat will not appear in the main discussion until you add it as a friend.

You may also see some message requests in the Spam section. So, never forget to check regularly.


Why don’t I have the Add Friend button on some Facebook profiles?

Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett
Photo by Oleg Magni

I suggest you take a look at the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. Unfortunately, you may not see the “Add Friend” button.

Not too disappointed? There are thousands of Facebook profiles on which you cannot send friend requests. But why? Is this a bug similar to why Facebook is so slow?

Why doesn’t Facebook allow me to add friends?

Here are eight reasons you won’t see any add friend button on Facebook.

  1. The user changed the privacy settings and chose that only “friends of friends” could send friend requests to him, and they had no mutual friends.
  2. This user recently blocked you and then unblocked you.
  3. You blocked this user and recently unblocked him.
  4. The user may have declined your friend request one or more times.
  5. The user already has 5000 friends and cannot accept more friend requests.
  6. The user himself deactivated the account for some reason. 
  7. Or Facebook has deactivated their account.
  8. You have sent a friend request, but it has not been approved.

This is the reason why I can’t friend request someone on Facebook.



Facebook has many settings and options to protect user profiles and protect users’ Privacy on the Internet. But, somehow, you can access a locked or odd profile that doesn’t have an Add Friend button. 

Therefore, you cannot send friend requests to this user. But that doesn’t mean he stopped you. Instead, one of these conditions may apply.

Users have changed privacy settings, blocked and unblocked, declined friend requests multiple times, or added 5000 friends on Facebook. So now you must have understood why you cannot add someone as a friend on Facebook. 

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