Right Time to Buy iPhone 12 or Wait for iPhone 13 Launch?

iPhone 12
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The launch of the iPhone 13 or 12S (whatever they would end up calling it) is just around the corner and it is starting to take shape. We have already covered all the major rumors around the iPhone 13 series.


With such a timeline, users are now confused about whether they should buy an iPhone 12 or just wait for the new iPhone 13 series. 

I am not going to keep you hanging until the end, so here is what I think: is it the right time to buy iPhone 12? Well, No!

It doesn’t matter if the iPhone 13 series is going to bring huge upgrades over the iPhone 12 series, you should still wait till the launch of the iPhone 13 and then decide whether you should buy an iPhone 12 or not.

And let’s discuss why to wait for the launch of the iPhone 13.

Why Wait for iPhone 13 Launch Event to Buy iPhone 12?

The Launch Date of iPhone 13 Series

Right Time to Buy iPhone 12 or Wait for iPhone 13 Launch? 1
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As of now, there is no official announcement from Apple regarding the launch of the iPhone 13 Series. However, combining reports from all the credible sources, the event can take place in the third week of September.

And it would easily take around a month for the iPhone 13 models to make it to the market. So we still have about two months for the iPhone 13 to be in people’s hands.

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Price Drop for iPhone 12 After the Launch of iPhone 13 Lineup

iPhone 12
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Apple launches its latest iPhones around the same price as the previous generation. This automatically results in a huge price cut for the previous generation of iPhones.


In this particular instance, the price cut will be for iPhone 12. And these aren’t your small price cuts, they are quite significant price cuts.

So, if you are pretty sure that you are only going to buy an iPhone 12, and you can wait for the launch, I highly recommend that you do it. You might be able to buy additional accessories like AirPods at the same price along with your iPhone 12.

What About the Upgrades on iPhone 13 Series?

iPhone 13

Looking at all the reports and credible rumors, there is no indication that there will be any major upgrades on the new iPhone series. It is expected that the Pro models might feature Apple Pro Motion Display which is just Apple’s way of saying 120Hz screen refresh rate.

Apart from that, the notch will still be there. No in-display fingerprint sensors. Reports also suggest that there won’t be any 1TB iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max.  


Just like every year, there is a new chip and some improved cameras which are already some of the best smartphone cameras ever.

However, the interesting thing is that there are reports indicating that new iPhones are going to be slightly thicker(about 0.26mm) to bring more battery gains. So that’s something worth noting down.

Given that you are already planning to buy an iPhone 12 means that you have saved enough for the iPhone 12. And we know that iPhone 13 is going to be launched around the same price so it would be much better if you just straight up go for iPhone 13.

iPhone 12 is a Good Upgrade Over?

The thing with iPhones is that they last forever. I still see folks around using their iPhone 6, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus seamlessly. Now for anyone who is using the models I mentioned, the iPhone 12 is going to be a significant and ideal upgrade.


For anyone using the iPhone models with the notch, there haven’t been any real upgrades since the iPhone X. Yes sure, the cameras have improved, the design has changed with iPhone 12 but nothing significant for the users.

So such users can wait for iPhone 13 for a significant upgrade.

iPhone 12 already has 5G capabilities and to be honest, the 5G situation and speed talks around 5G are overhyped and iPhone 12 is still a much better option.

The Bottom Line – Is It The Right Time to Buy iPhone 12?

Overall, I think you should wait for the launch of the iPhone 13 when it is this close. So, then you will have more options. First of all, the iPhone 12 will have a price cut so you can buy iPhone 12 and something extra at the same price.


Or if you change your mind and want to buy an iPhone 13, you can do that too! So just hold your hands for at least a month or so and see how everything plays out.

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