Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – Every Update So Far


  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus is expected to feature a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, a larger battery, and rapid charging for enhanced performance and battery life.
  • The Tab S9 series will likely boast OLED displays across all models, promising better colors, contrast, and power efficiency compared to its predecessor.
  • The release of the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets is delayed until the second half of 2023 due to a slowdown in the global economy, but Samsung is expected to maintain or possibly lower the pricing to offer consumers a reasonable cost for the tablets.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, the company’s next flagship tablet, is expected to have a huge market influence.


The Tab S9 looks to be the best alternative to Apple iPad for increasing productivity, enjoying entertainment, and catering to a variety of demands, thanks to its powerful CPU, spacious display, and stylish design.

We’ve come across various speculations and updates concerning the Tab S9 over the years, and we’ve meticulously followed up with all the current developments. Let us recap all we’ve learned thus far about the Galaxy Tab S9:

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Every Leak So Far

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Expected Specifications

In terms of specifications, the Tab S9 Plus is rumored to feature the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU as the Galaxy S23, which is a high-performance processor.

This implies that the Tab S9 Plus will perform well and tackle duties commensurate with a flagship smartphone.

The Tab S9 Plus’s ability to withstand heat better is an intriguing enhancement. This means that the tablet can remain speedy and efficient for extended periods without becoming too hot.

Furthermore, the Tab S9 Plus will feature a larger battery than its predecessor. While the Tab S8 Ultra featured a massive 11,220 mAh battery, the Tab S9 Ultra had a little lower 10,880 mAh battery which is still extremely amazing. This means it should have a long battery life and be able to last a long period on a single charge.

The tablet will be available in three variants: one with 5G compatibility, another with Wi-Fi connectivity, and a third designed specifically for South Korea. As a result, consumers will be able to select the model that best meets their requirements.


Another amazing feature of the Tab S9 Plus is its capability for rapid charging. With 45W rapid charging, you can quickly recharge the tablet and get back to using it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - Every Update So Far 1
Credits: OnLeaks

According to rumored leaks, the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus will offer several significant enhancements over its predecessor, the Tab S8 Plus.

The Tab S9 Plus will have a 12.4-inch OLED display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which promises better and more responsive images, according to the leaked renderings.

The tablet will include a dual-camera system similar to that found on Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra.


This configuration is expected to have a 50MP primary sensor for high-resolution images, a 12MP ultrawide sensor for capturing wider areas, and a 10MP telephoto sensor for zooming in on objects.

The addition of IP67 dust and water resistance is a substantial boost, making the Tab S9 Plus more durable than its predecessor. This implies that it can withstand some dust and water exposure without being harmed.

Furthermore, display specialist Ross Young predicts that even the entry-level Galaxy Tab S9 will include an OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - Every Update So Far 2
Credits: OnLeaks

This means that all three models of the Galaxy Tab S9 series will have OLED screens, a significant advance over the previous Galaxy Tab S8 series’ LCD panels.


OLED displays often provide higher colors, contrast, and power efficiency, resulting in a more enjoyable viewing experience.

It should be noted that Samsung has not yet officially announced the Galaxy Tab S9 series, but if the leaks are correct, we may anticipate the tablets to be introduced in the upcoming Unpacked event.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus appears to be a promising device, thanks to its robust performance, enhanced heat management, and huge battery.

When it eventually enters the market, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Galaxy Tab S8 Series. To learn more about the tablets and their features, we’ll have to wait for formal confirmation from Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Other Upgrades

Samsung’s DeX mode is a handy function that allows you to transform your tablet or phone into a laptop-like experience. However, some users find it sluggish and less responsive than using Windows 11 on a real laptop.

Tech reviewers recently pushed Samsung to make DeX mode speedier and more responsive on the forthcoming Tab S9 Ultra. They also recommended that Samsung develop a more robust keyboard attachment to make using the tablet as a laptop more comfortable.

According to the reviews, if Samsung improves these two aspects, the Tab S9 Ultra might be an excellent laptop replacement for some consumers.

They enjoyed the tablet’s large and powerful display, as well as its lengthy battery life. However, critics noted that the Tab S9 Ultra is not without flaws. For example, it lacks a built-in webcam, which may be an issue for some users.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Expected Release Date

The Galaxy Tab S9 tablets from Samsung will not be available until the second half of 2023. The reason for this delay is that the global economy has slowed, resulting in fewer individuals purchasing electronic devices. As a result, Samsung has chosen to postpone the tablet’s development.

Typically, after the release of the Galaxy Tab S8 line in early 2022, the next model, the Galaxy Tab S9, was predicted in the first half of 2023. However, because worldwide demand for technology goods has plummeted, Samsung is yet to reveal the new tablets.

There’s still a chance that Samsung may announce the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets today at its annual Unpacked presentation.

This event is already planned to feature the debut of other devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, so the Galaxy Tab S9 might be announced as well.


But we won’t know for sure until Samsung confirms it during the Unpacked presentation. If the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets are delivered in the second half of 2023, they will likely face stiff competition from other tablets, such as the anticipated iPad Pro 14 and iPad Pro 16.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Expected Pricing

Given the specifications and features, and especially with the economy in flux, many people desire to save money while purchasing anything, including tablets. Some companies may hike the pricing of their new tablets, but Samsung is unlikely to do so.

Samsung tablets now cost $699, $899, and $1,099. In a recent report on Tom’s Guide, they stated Samsung may maintain or perhaps cut this pricing for the upcoming tablets.

They are aware that people are experiencing the consequences of inflation, and they do not want to overcharge consumers for their tablets.


While we can’t be certain of their cost, it’s doubtful that Samsung would dramatically hike prices, so users should expect to pay a reasonable price for the tablet.

Wrapping It All

To summarize, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series seems to be an eagerly awaited and promising addition to the tablet industry.

The Tab S9 Plus has the potential to be a serious competitor to Apple’s iPad due to its fast CPU, spacious OLED display, and upgraded features like improved heat management, bigger batteries, and 5G capability. While the release date has not been formally declared by Samsung, it is believed to occur in the second half of 2023.

If the reports are true, the Tab S9 series might provide an outstanding tablet experience at an affordable price, making it an appealing alternative for users looking for productivity and entertainment in a single device.


However, we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s formal announcement during the forthcoming Unpacked event to get the whole picture.

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