Samsung Pay Rewards: All you need to know

Samsung Pay Rewards
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Samsung Pay is one of the leading tap-to-pay mobile payment systems. It works on non-NFC terminals like LG that is clearly an advantage. Being in the top three for tap-to-pay systems, Samsung also offers rewards for every time you pay using Samsung Pay. This is much like the Bank Rewards that they offer on their Credit Cards and Samsung Pay Rewards are kind of same. You can use these reward points to your advantage and save on some money because unlike credit cards, you don’t pay huge amounts for using the cards. You only get rewards.


Here is how you can earn and use Samsung Pay Rewards:

How to earn Samsung Pay Rewards

There are actually quite a few ways you can earn the reward points

Points for Transactions

Number of Transactions Reward Points
First 9 Transactions  1 Point
10-19 Transactions 2 Points
20-50 Transactions 3 Points

The important thing to note here is that you can only earn a maximum of 50 purchases per month and the number of purchases resets every month. In this way you can actually earn about 100 reward points.

Via Promotional Offers

Samsung partners with various companies and launch promotional offers for users to earn rewards. All you need to do is find the correct promotional offer and signup for it. You earn reward points for buying gift cards using the Samsung Pay app. For instance, you can link your Samsung Pay account to Lyft and earn 2,000 points.

Buy Things from Samsung

This is by far the easiest and good method. Very simple, Go to and buy TVs, Phones or any accessories and earn up to four points per $1.

Some Actions

Sometimes Samsung offers reward points for very simple things like setting Samsung Browser as your default browser. These are rare but they come into play sometimes and are very easy to catch.

Buy Reward Points

Yes, You heard it right! You can literally buy reward points from the Samsung Pay app. Although we do not encourage this method yes this is also one of the ways to earn Reward Points.

Out of all of these methods, the only method good is to buy stuff from and earn points in bulk. Obviously, these are offers to lure users to buy more stuff and promote their app. But if you manage to earn some good sum of reward points, you can use the in your favor.


How to use Samsung Reward Points

Use it in Samsung Pay app

Open the app, find Me section at the bottom, scroll down and tap Redeem Points options. There are two ways this goes, the first is Chance to Win. This is like a series of contests that change every now and then. You spend points to earn entries in increments of ten. It spins a wheel and sees if you win something. There is no limit to how many times you can play. This way is actually good if you do not have many points. If you have a small sum of reward points, you can definitely try your luck here.

The second way is to redeem the reward points is via Coupon Code. Here you can trade your reward points for real deals. The list of products does not change much and there are majorly Samsung products. You can get S-Pen for 6,000 points, a wireless charger for 16,000 or a Galaxy Fit for 20,000 reward points.

Use them for buying Apps, Games, and Themes on the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes

This is a more fun way to use reward points. You can buy stuff like Apps and Games on the Galaxy Store and you can also buy themes, icons, backgrounds, and AOD themes on the Galaxy Themes using the reward points. Simply go to the premium thing you want to purchase, hit the price button and when the payment methods show up, select Use Discounts and from there, select the Samsung rewards option to complete the transactions. Both Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes work on two points percent ratio. For example, An item priced at $2.49 will use 498 points. The important thing here is that reward points aren’t redeemable for in-app purchases.

Well, the main goal for these rewards is always to lure customers to buy more stuff and pay more money. So think carefully and use your money wisely.


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