Samsung Showcases Odyssey G9, ViewFinity S9 & M8 Monitors at CES 2023

Odyssey G9
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The Consumer Electronic Show will be held from January 5 to January 8 in Las Vegas, US. it’s one of the biggest events in the world of Technology, and companies look forward to it every year to showcase their new products, cutting-edge innovations & ideas.


Although CES is yet to begin officially for consumers, Samsung has already started showcasing the products that the company has been working off.

Samsung showed off its three products at CES 2023 naming – Samsung Odyssey G9, ViewFinity S9, and Smart Monitor M8.

Let us take a look at the Samsung Odyssey G9.

Samsung Odyssey G9

First off, it’s a gaming series of monitors from Samsung and is the successor to the Samsung Odyssey G8. The Odyssey G9 features a 49-inch OLED display with a 1800R curved display with a 32:9 aspect ratio.

This has a Quad HD resolution and features Quantum Nanotechnology, which allows pixel-by-pixel control over the new infinite color contrast ratio.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor
Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

As this Odyssey G9 monitor is a gaming monitor, it offers 0.1ms response time as well as a 240hz high refresh rate for a smoother experience.

Furthermore, it also offers apps like Amazon’s Prime Video and Netflix through its SmartHub feature while Samsung’s Gaming hub offers Xbox & Nvidia Geforce for cloud gaming support which does not requires a partner’s PC or console for gaming.

Now let’s take a look at Samsung’s ViewFinity S9


Samsung ViewFinity S9

This is another one in the list of monitors that Samsung unveiled & this series is tailored towards creative professionals. This is the successor of the ViewFinity S8. well, the ViewFinity features a 27-inch display with a 5K resolution (For the first time ever).

It has a wide color gamut of 99% DCI P3, which promises to offer great details with average Delta E ≦21 color accuracy for correct color reproduction.

Samsung ViewFinity S9 Monitor
Samsung ViewFinity S9 Monitor

The monitor also comes with an inbuilt color calibration engine that makes sure of the correct color & brightness. Additionally, customers can also adjust Gama, White balance, and RGB color balance for even better color accuracy via the Samsung Smart Calibration app.

Also, the monitor has a Matte display which helps restrict reflection & glare to cut down on distraction while working.


Moreover, customers can also attach cameras & other devices to the ViewFinity S9 via its USB C & Thunderbolt 4 port. Well, this means customers can transfer large-size files, and on top of it, the monitors also come equipped with SlimFit 4K camera, which supports video calls through Google Meet.

Lastly, let’s look at the Samsung Monitor M8.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

This monitor features a stylish & slim design and has an adjustable height that can rotate up to 90 degrees & is VESA mount compatible. As for the front, a SlimFit camera offers 2K resolution & works with Google Meet. The Samsung Monitor M8 comes in four different color options – Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink, and Warm White.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Samsung Smart Monitor M8

It comes in two variants – a 27-inch & a 32-inch monitor; both variants feature a 4K resolution and can also act as a control hub to remotely work with compatible devices through the Samsung Smart hub. The Samsung Knox vault protects the monitor.


What do you think about these Monitors that Samsung showcased at CES 2023? although technically, CES is still a couple of days away, and we will be covering CES 2023. So stay tuned.

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