“Aeri”, Self-Disinfecting Mask by Huami

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Huami the parent company of Amazefit developing a transparent self-disinfecting mask to fight Coronavirus. Various companies have developed their anti-pollution mask for a healthier lifestyle, but this time Huami (the parent company of Amazefit who produces wearables gadgets and also Huami make Xiaomi’s wearables like smartwatches or Mi band) joined the race and designing technologically advanced self-disinfecting mask.


According to the report of Tech Crunch, Huami is working on designing and developing a transparent self-disinfecting mask. The mask is called as Aeri by Amazebit, it has removable air-filters and has a UV (Ultraviolet) light emitter. The Aeri mask would be made up of a transparent anti-fog material.

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Hi-Tech Self-Disinfecting Mask by Huami

The Aeri mask is said to be transparent so that users can unlock their smartphones while wearing a mask because, with the N95 mask, users aren’t able to unlock their smartphones using face-unlock. Transparent Self-Disinfecting mask is claimed to be helpful in such a situation, you can unlock and use your smartphone without removing the mask.

Self-Disinfecting mask

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The mask is made with transparent anti-fog material and will have an ultraviolet light emitter from inside, it will be disinfected itself when plugged with a USB-C for few minutes (approx. in 10minutes), the mask can disinfect itself after every use. Each emitter would be effective only for one-half moth, which is way better than the N95 mask which is effective only for 8 hours (N9)5 masks is a specification decided by the US Food and Drug Administration, they ensure that the mask would block 95% of the germs and bacteria from entering into the body, Huami has no words regarding the aim to meet N95’s specification.

Huami is the same company that develops Xiaomi’s wearable like smartwatches, Mi band, etc. Huami claimed that it will be helpful in unlocking face because our smartphone’s face ID uses the IR sensor, and with transparent masks, the IR spectrum will be able to identify the face in visible light.

It takes as little as 6-12 months from ideation to market rollout. Yu also reportedly shared that the masks are meant for the “mass consumer market” to protect people all over the world from viruses as well as everyday air pollutionPengtao Yu, Vice President of Industrial Design

So, this directly means that we have to wait for the Aeri mask because the prototype is in development.

Huami said nothing regarding the price of the mask, but the price of the mask is expected to be decent so that everyone could make use of it. Also, the company has a decent record of availing tech products at an affordable price. It makes Xiaomi’s wearables which cost around $40, also Amazefit Bip, Amazefit’s smartwatch whose battery life is measured in weeks, and the company avail such product at $80.


Huami’s Aeri transparent self-disinfecting mask is not just to protect us from coronavirus and can be used to stay safe from air pollution. The company decides to design such a mask that is more protected and more breathable than the available ones. All this news is revealed by a report from Tech Crunch and they discussed all this information with the company in a telephonic interview.

Final Words

If this mask will available, it will help us a lot in fighting with coronavirus pandemic and with other viruses and pollution too. This will be considered as a new and technologically advanced method to prevent yourself from the diseases, the mask will be disinfected automatically from the inside, but its user’s responsibility to clean it from outside, till now there is no news on mask disinfecting itself from outside too.

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