TikTok’s New Feature Helps You Report Any Misinformation Regarding COVID-19

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Every social media giant is taking a step forward to curb the spread of any incorrect information related to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus. TikTok has also taken up a few actions to spread correct information about the coronavirus. The company has now launched a new in-app reporting feature which will allow its users to report any content that has “intentionally deceptive information” within the app. 

Tiktok adds new feature to stop spread of any misinformation

TikTok Adds a New Subcategory “COVID-19 Information” Under the ‘Misleading Information’ Category

TikTok has introduced the option in the new ‘Misleading Information’ category to report any content so that this will curb the spread of misinformation of any kind. Even though this feature has been for a long while, the company introduced a sub-category called “COVID-19 information” specifically to stop report any incorrect information regarding Covid-19.

Tiktok adds new feature to stop spread of any misinformation

In the new blog post published by TikTik it includes the information about the new feature that reads, “When users report any content as ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’, it is sent to a priority moderation queue which is manned by an internal Taskforce and escalated to third-party fact-checkers. The Taskforce has been set up as a proactive measure to strengthen our capabilities in addressing misinformation around COVID-19 and prioritize decision making.  It is supported by a large internal team working on content safety across TikTok.”

“We believe tackling misinformation requires a long term and sustainable approach with the help of experts from NGOs, academia and governments. To this effect, we will be inviting credible partners to submit proposals for a misinformation research grant of USD50K (INR3.5 Million). The objective of this effort is to better understand the misinformation ecosystem on social media. This includes, detailed understanding for the industry as a whole, how to further improve detection of such content, how it spreads, the motivations that drive creation, and also how to design, measure and conduct effective interventions to limit the negative impact of misinformation,” the post further reads.

TikTok's New Feature Helps You Report Any Misinformation Regarding COVID-19 1
Steps to report

Follow these steps if you come across any misleading content, you can just tap on the Share button and then go to Report > Misleading information > COVID-19 misinformation. You can also give an optional description to add additional information. Lastly, tap on Submit when done.

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