Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675: A New Mid-Ranger Beast?

Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675
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The mid-range smartphones bracket is one of the most competitive slots in the entire smartphone business and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series of processors dominate that area. Snapdragon recently announced the Snapdragon 678 SoC for mid-range smartphones and we are going to compare Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675, which is the predecessor of the newly announced SoC, and see what the upgrades are we will be getting.


Qualcomm has announced Snapdragon 678 that will bring you better photography capabilities, and connectivity capabilities as well. The main goal is to bring better photography performance, better connectivity without taking too much load on the battery.

The Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, said, “We are uniquely positioned to support OEMs in delivering the next generation of devices with in-demand features and performance.

In this article, we are going to compare the Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675 and see what are the things that have been upgraded.

Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675

Basic Specifications

Now to compare both Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675, let’s just see their basic specifications side-by-side:

 Snapdragon 678Snapdragon 675
CPUOctacore 2x Kryo 460 Gold (Cortex-A76) @2.2GHz 6x Kryo 460 Silver (Cortex-A55) @1.7GHzOctacore 2x Kryo 460 Gold (Cortex-A76) @2GHz 6x Kryo 460 Silver (Cortex-A55) @1.7GHz
GPUAdreno 600Adreno 600
Process Technology11nm11nm
ModemX12 LTE DS= 600Mbps US= 150MbpsX12 LTE DS= 600Mbps US= 150Mbps
Memory1866MHz LPDDR4X  1866MHz LPDDR4X

Both of the processors do not have 5G capabilities, both have Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 5.0. The areas in which Snapdragon 678 takes lead are better CPU performance as it’s overclocked, and higher GPU frequency, which is 800MHz compared to Snapdragon 675’s 750MHz.

Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675

Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675: Benchmark Scores Comparison

Now to have a good idea about the performance, the best thing to do is to compare the benchmark scores of the two side-by-side:

Let’s look at the benchmark scores form Geekbench first:

 Snapdragon 678Snapdragon 675
Geekbench 5(Single-Core)446424
Geekbench 5(Multicore)1,3981,395

As seen clearly, a significant difference in the performance is only noticed in the Single-Core benchmark test on Geekbench and the Snapdragon 678 performs 5% more efficiently than the Snapdragon 675. Now let’s check out the scores from the AnTuTu benchmark test:

 Snapdragon 678Snapdragon 675
AnTuTu Benchmark 82,17,2082,06,948

In the AnTuTu benchmark test, the better performing processor is Snapdragon 678 with increased performance by 5%.

In terms of CPU and gaming performance, it is pretty evident that the Snapdragon 678 is the winner of this Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675 comparison. Now the battery is more efficient on the new Snapdragon 678 and it has a slight edge in every aspect compared to Snapdragon 675.

According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon 678 supports dynamic photography, videography. It also gives immersive entertainment, long battery life, and fast connectivity. So clearly the Snapdragon 678 is the better processor in Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675 debate in every aspect and it will be interesting to see it perform on new smartphones.

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