Top 5 Best Alternatives for Netflix

Best Alternatives for Netflix
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You see it’s 2022 and to be honest Netflix is just too mainstream and it is quite heavy on the wallet too. It is now time to have some of the best alternatives for Netflix so that we are not just tied up and dependent on one OTT platform for the content.


People with options are the people with power and to give you more power on your entertainment, here are the top 5 best alternatives for Netflix in 2022.

5 Best Alternatives for Netflix (2022)

Amazon Prime Video

5 best alternatives for Netflix

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best alternatives to Netflix and it is one of the prominent competitors with Netflix that can be considered Netflix’s rival.

With a very affordable Prime membership, you get access to Amazon Prime Video and some other services that are offered by Amazon.

With a lot of Original series and content from a lot of different sectors, Amazon Prime Video is one of the most complete OTTs that is available right now and it offers movies, series from every genre and you will not regret getting an Amazon Prime Subscription.

Disney+ Hotstar

5 best alternatives for Netflix

Disney+ Hotstar is even more than a mere OTT platform, it houses all the content from Disney and you also get all the Hotstar content as well.

Disney+ Hotstar also has its own Original Series, a huge library of Bollywood movies, American TV shows, Live Channels, and a lot more.

It is just one of the best platforms for any sports lover as it houses pretty much all the sports that you can watch on television. The subscription plans are also good as you can have a Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription which gives you access to sports and Indian content(plus Disney content dubbed in Hindi) or you can have a Premium subscription which gives you access to complete Disney+ Hotstar libraries.


5 best alternatives for Netflix

Who doesn’t loves HBO shows, right? Well HBO Max will definitely not disappoint you as it has a very interesting library of content that you can watch and relax. I mean you get access to Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and a lot of OG shows and movies.


It is also one of the best places to find good movies as it has the classic and current Warner Bros, so you can even get the movies that are not currently on the HBO channel itself.

Besides the great movies and TV shows, you can also access some cable TV channels like Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, and more if you are into that.


5 best alternatives for Netflix

Hulu contains all the good shows from the past and from the current timeline. Additionally, there are some Original shows available too on the platform which is really great.

It releases episodes on schedule and does not publish the entire season at once which makes it quite engaging and you can have your cliff-hangers.


You can also get the integration of live channels like ABC, FOX, CNN, and others by upgrading your subscription plan. The only downside is that Hulu is just exclusive to the US and Japan.


5 best alternatives for Netflix

Zee5 is the home for booming actors and directors in the industry. It has a lot of Original shows and movies that are created by small-scale artists and directors that are just a treat to watch and enjoy.

You can watch a ton of good Bollywood movies on Zee5 and enjoy the best content that is offered by Bollywood. Also, the subscription is quite affordable so you can easily buy a premium subscription and enjoy it.

So those were the top 5 best alternatives for Netflix in 2022, which is your favorite OTT platform, do let us know in the comments.

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