How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos?

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos?
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As you all know, YouTube is the world’s largest video watching platform, here you get to watch many types of videos like studies, technical, and jobs, and there will be only one in the world who does not know about it, otherwise everyone Anyone is aware of this YouTube app.


Although you can watch all kinds of videos on YouTube, there are also videos on YouTube that only people of 18+ age can watch. Such videos cannot be seen by people under 18 years of age. For example – stunts videos, love making videos, romantic movies, etc.

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Some really working methods, after reading which you will learn how to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos. And for this, you do not even need to install any additional programs and extensions – all the methods described below work directly in the browser.

Recently, youtube has tightened the age restrictions, so many of the methods that worked before no longer work. Methods 1 and 2, as well as a way to bypass restrictions on Android, continue to work at the moment.

Methods to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

1st Method – Change Age in Google Account

If you are more than 18 years of age, then you can easily watch all types of videos on YouTube by signing in with your Google Account and verifying your age.

This method is the easiest and most universal way to indicate the date of birth in your Google Account so that you are 18 years of age or older. You can do this in your profile settings by clicking on this link:

If for some reason this method isn’t suitable (I don’t want to change my date of birth, there’s no way to log into my account or have an account, etc.), or if you want to download 18+ videos on YouTube without signing up If you want to watch, then there are some ways for you, by which you can easily watch Age Restrict videos too. About them below.

2nd Method – Use the site

Watching videos using This site is designed for downloading videos from YouTube and many other sites, but you can watch videos on it without downloading. To do this, visit the site below:
How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Then paste the video link as shown in the screenshot. Wait for the link to be processed. Scroll down to the inscription “Download videos online”. On the left there will be a video cover, clicking on which will start playing the video.

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

On the right side is the download button, clicking on which the video can be downloaded to the device and can be viewed later. You can also choose which resolution to download the video in – relevant for slow or limited internet.

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Sometimes the video loads slowly, but if there is no account but you want to watch, this is the only easy way.

This site should be viewed with caution, as it contains intrusive advertisements. Be careful that you click somewhere.

3rd Method – Bypass Youtube age restrictions on android

You can bypass youtube age restrictions on android using the NewPipe application. To do this, download and install the application on your device from the official website:

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Please note that this application is not in the Play Market, so permission to install applications from unknown sources must be enabled on your device. The location of the settings may be different on different devices. Example for Xiaomi:

Settings” -> “System and Devices” -> “Advanced Settings” -> “Privacy“. Find here the item “Unknown sources” and activate it. Once installed, the permission can be disabled.

Another option is that when you try to install the application, your phone or tablet will not allow the installation and will ask you to turn on the permission. Go to the proposed menu item and activate the installation of applications from unknown sources.

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Launch the installed application. Go to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Content“.

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

Look for “Age Restricted Content” and toggle it on. Then turn off “YouTube Safe Mode” here:

How to Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos

If you want videos to open in the NewPipe application when you click the link and not in the standard YouTube application, the standard application must be disabled or removed. Otherwise, you will have to search for the video by name in the application itself. On Xiaomi, this can be done using the Hidden Settings for MIUI app link of Google play.

Install and run the application, then go to “Manage applications“, find the standard YouTube application, and click “Disable”. carefully! Don’t change any other settings unless you’re sure what you’re doing.

It is possible to disable the stock app on many device models, but the methods differ for each device. Look for a method to disable the standard YouTube application on the request “How to disable the application on your device model” or “How to remove the application on your device model”.


After this manipulation, all links that lead to youtube will open in NewPipe. The disadvantage of this method is that videos embedded in other applications will be played, but other applications will ask you to launch the standard YouTube application every time.

The application works on any device, starting with Android 4.4 and newer. Newpipe Legacy works on devices with Android 4.1 and newer. It does not require Google services on the device, thanks to which it works almost everywhere, but due to this feature, it is not possible to log in to your account. Translated without ads and in multiple languages ​​including Hindi and English.

There is a modification of this application called Shuddh Kand. The app itself can’t play restricted videos but allows you to sign in with your Google Account. In addition, the account cannot be used on the phone/tablet, but on any other. Thanks to this, you can register another account with the “correct” age and use YouTube almost completely.

The disadvantage of these applications is that they do not yet have the ability to watch YouTube shorts, that is, short videos. There are also problems with the playback of broadcasts. Regular videos work without any problems.


4th Method – By Adding Prefix/Sufix to the URL

1st Way – By Adding “nsfw”

You need to add NSFW to the beginning of the link so that the link looks like this:

In this case, you will be redirected to, which will open a page with an embedded video and the age restrictions will not apply.

2nd way  – By Adding “pwn”


In this second way, put ‘pwn’ in the URL of any youtube video you want to watch.

3rd Way – By Adding “repeat”

In this, you have to change the URL of the video. After this, you have to put repeat the URL of the video at the end of youtube. 

Like –…. With this, your video will play without signing up.


4th Type – By Adding “ss”

In the 5th way, you have to add ss in front of youtube in the URL. For example –…. This is how your video will play.


How to enter the settings of the YouTube application?

Sign in to the YouTube app on your Android device. Select Library… Find the video you want and click More… Open the menu with privacy options and select Public access, Link access, or Restricted access.

Why isn’t YouTube working for me?

Turn off mobile internet and turn it back on. Clear YouTube app cache. Reinstall the app. Update the YouTube app to the latest version.


How to launch the settings application?

Touch the app and launch it. For example, tap “Settings” (11) to open the settings app for configuring Android.

Why doesn’t YouTube work on Android?

There may be several reasons: problems with a smartphone or network, an outdated version of Android, the unavailability of the service in certain regions, malfunctions on the side of Google servers, and even the blocking of the Telegram messenger by Roskomnadzor. For these and other reasons, Google Play may also not work.

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